Good morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Today I would like to begin talk about LOVE and the way it manifests itself in through sex in a marriage and how it brings LIFE to the union as a whole.

One VERY IMPORTANT thing that I want y’all to understand is JUST how DIVIDED our understanding of ourselves really is as it relates to sex and sexuality in marriage. See as long as Lucifer and his people can keep you seeing YOUR sexuality and expression as something that has to be MONITORED and keep under chains because it’s INNATELY EVIL and will destroy YOU, THEY can keep YOU from being FRUITFUL and MULTIPLYING. See we have been TAUGHT by SERPENTS that MULTIPLYING just means procreation or children, but AGAIN this is ANOTHER LIE. Being FRUITFUL and MULTIPLYING has EVERYTHING to do with INCREASE of YOUR ENTIRE BEING AND INCREASING the image of The Most High on the earth. Because we have been taught for so long to see ourselves and what’s COMPLETELY natural about us as evil, nasty and demonic, the PREDETERMINED course that was set for YOUR LIFE is now of NONE EFFECT. Why is it of NONE EFFECT? Because the DESIGN was for YOU to be FRUITFUL, or INCREASE in your LOVE, and EXPRESSION of love, or your DISPLAY of LOVE towards one another. Sexual energy was created to bring y’all together and KEEP y’all together and BUILDING on it or being fruitful in it so that when YOU do MULTIPLY to replenish the earth, EXACTLY WHAT is the earth being REPLENISHED BY?

Check it out, MANKIND fell and began to see the LIFE giving part of their marriage as EVIL or something that was wrong so they COVERED it from themselves AND The Most High. So now that they have fallen and it’s time to ACTUALLY replenish the earth, EXACTLY what understanding and WHAT IMAGE are they replenishing the EARTH WITH? Y’all remember The Most High gave the man and his woman coats of DEAD ANIMALS? Why do YOU think he COVERED mankind created in his OWN IMAGE in coats of DEAD ANIMALS? Y’all ever notice how the RELATIONSHIP between animals is pretty much SINGULAR in dimension, meaning LIFE and LOVE is NOT capitalized on AT ALL in the relationship between animals. It’s mostly just NATURAL programming in their genetics for the PURPOSE of procreating. So what you have the picture of is LIFE and LOVE in the SEXUALITY of MANKIND between a man and his woman, reduced to that which makes their IMAGE that of DEAD ANIMALS. This is the serpent with HIS understanding of the way sex and sexuality is supposed to be expressed in marriage. ONE, his genetics belong to the animal kingdom so HE has no LIFE to witness to ANYWAY as concerning sexuality. SECONDLY, he wants you to produce ONLY within the CONFINES of his control. What do I mean? Well not only did Adom and his Wife fuck up their OWN view of sex and sexuality concerning one another, but WHAT exactly do you think they taught they’re children? THIS is the ULTIMATE goal, instead of the WORD of being FRUITFUL and MULTIPLY and REPLENISH THE EARTH ONLY being, multiplying LIFE, LOVE and PARADISE, NOW because of the IMAGE change and PERCEPTION change NOW what are they MULTIPLYING and REPLENISHING the earth with?

Remember y’all Lucifer and his children CAN NOT create ANYTHING, so they HAVE to steal it from else where in order to survive. So y’all remember me saying that the races of people on the earth would NOT have lasted very long with MANKIND having written in his VERY GENETICS to be fruitful and multiply, replenish the earth AND SUBDUE IT. Well it would be EXTREMELY CLEVER to just COMPLETELY erase ALL understanding of what EXACTLY was being said about the WORD of The Most High in the GENETICS of MANKIND, or PERVERT IT. See when something is written in your genetics and is part of your design like sex and sexuality is, YOU can’t turn it off because YOU didn’t turn it on. So what you get mostly is CONFUSION on JUST how AND what is SUPPOSED to be done with ALL that energy, and it most times manifests itself in ways CONTRARY to our design AND the WORD written in our genetics. As I said before, yes sex is something that should be seen as THE MOST SACRED aspect of your being, but it was NEVER intended to be handled like the red headed step child. Again, the mind of the serpent will ONLY have you seeing YOURSELF as someone who needs DELIVERANCE from YOURSELF, because YOURSELF and the understanding that you were created in means YOU win EVERY SINGLE TIME, PERIOD. And your GENTILE counter parts KNOW this.

As I have said to y’all in the past, The MessiYAH  came and died for our sins and to REDEEM us BACK to The Most High AS A PEOPLE. So what that means is EVERYTHING that was MISSED OUT because of the fall in the garden, YOU are now redeemed to live in. YOU were NOT redeemed to GIVE ALL your LIFE giving ENERGY and UNDERSTANDING to the MIND of the SERPENT and his will for your life through RELIGION. The WHOLE story of the MessiYAH and his message has been COMPLETELY twisted and distorted coming from the EVIL mind of the serpent. And it doesn’t matter that he deceives his OWN people with it, what matters is YOU. Why do I say that? Because YOU really are the LIGHT of the world and the WHOLE world knows it EXCEPT for YOU.

Remember we talked about there needing to be a free flow of energy and what happens to certain capacities of the MIND/SOUL that is EFFECTED by the lack of vital LIFE giving energy? Well When you train you understanding AND responses to mimic that of ANYTHING OTHER than YOUR personal design, your mind begins to see WHATEVER the UNDERSTANDING is and IT will TRY to be fruitful and MULTIPLY on it’s own. This is why people who have SERIOUS sexual evils ALWAYS end up destroying their LIFE and the LIFE of those around them if ORDER and TRUTH is NOT sought after. Be fruitful and multiply is STILL in operation, so WHATEVER it is FED it DEFINITELY WILL MULTIPLY. Now the understanding that YOU need is, WHAT you are MULTIPLYING, is it the IMAGE of The Most High OR is it an IMAGE that you got from somewhere else.

See The Most High came to the garden to commune with the man, meaning HE came to INCREASE and BE INCREASED by the MAN AND HIS WOMAN, but y’all remember he HAD TO CALL for him because he was hiding. What does that tell you? The man could no longer hear The Most High the WAY he was supposed to be heard BECAUSE he changed his OWN PERCEPTION of HIMSELF. So what that is telling us is, because the man was created in the IMAGE of The Most High, he retained a certain RELATIONSHIP with him that was EXCLUSIVE to HIS DESIGN. What do I mean? Y’all remember when you was young kids you didn’t have a damn to give about not having clothes on in front of your mom if she was the one still washing yo ass. But as soon as you got an IDENTITY of your OWN or OUTSIDE the understanding of your parents, what happened to that freedom once YOU perceived yourself as a force of your own? WHO TOLD YOU YOU WERE NAKED? Again we have The Most High who KNOWS EVERYTHING, ASK the man WHO told him he was naked? Then he asks, did YOU eat from the TREE of ALL KNOWLEDGE. So we get the understanding that the information of BEING NAKED itself HAD to come from a PERSON, him asking about that tree of ALL KNOWLEDGE was an after thought to WHO. So this is CLEAR indication that NAKED came from the SERPENT, them eating from the tree JUST opened their eyes to the POSSIBILITIES of sin, IT DID NOT CHANGE there view on their sexuality ITSELF, THAT came from someone else…

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Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we talked about the lineage of the serpent and the purpose for their creation. As we begin to talk about sex and sexuality this morning, I would like to take a little bit of a DIFFERENT approach for a short spell.

1 Timotiyos 3 v1-5. Trustworthy is the word: If a man longs for the position of an OVERSEER, he desires a good work.

2) An OVERSEER, then should be BLAMELESS, the HUSBAND of one WIFE, sober, sensible, orderly, kind to strangers, ABLE TO TEACH(truth),

3) not given to wine, no brawler, but gentle, not quarrelsome, no lover of silver,

4) one who RULES HIS OWN HOUSE WELL, having his children in subjection with all reverence,


Shaoul/Paul wrote this to Timotiyos to give him BLUEPRINTS on how an OVERSEER of GENTILE people should be PROVED BEFORE he is given control to speak into someone’s LIFE. As I said yesterday the so called NEW TESTAMENT is MOSTLY letters written to GENTILE people giving them ORDER on HOW to be themselves. What do I mean by behave themselves? Well of course when you have people that DO NOT have the same PHYSICAL, SPIRITUAL and PSYCHOLOGICAL genetics as The Most High they WOULD NOT be able to HEAR HIM in ANY of their genetics. But what they WOULD be able to hear in their genetics is, WHATEVER their lineage lead them back to, which we all understand by now what that was. So it’s safe to say that with NO ability to even HEAR The Most High, an OVERSEER MUST be proven in ALL aspects of the word because of WHAT will manifest ONCE they have been given the POWER or the LEADERSHIP position.

I want to point out TWO very important things said in the scripture we just read. First, an OVERSEER should be BLAMELESS and the Husband of one wife. Ok, the understanding is this. Shaoul is saying that a man should be the husband of one wife, the word ONE translates into FIRST in the understanding that a man SHOULD at LEAST have ONE wife or FIRST HAVE A WIFE before given ANY position of LEADERSHIP. Second thing I want to point out is the fact that he said IF A MAN DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO RULE HIS OWN HOUSE, HOW SHALL HE LOOK OVER THE ASSEMBLY OF YAH. One of the reason WHY I want to touch on this piece rite here is because of the reference to SEX and SEXUALITY. During this Greeko-Roman era TWO things were VERY common which has ALWAYS been VERY popular among gentile people is, HOMOSEXUALITY and PEDOPHILIA. If you study the Greeko-Roman time YOU will understand that it was so welcome and WIDE spread along with a MULTIPLICITY of OTHER sexual PERVERSION, that a MAN could have two or three little boys that he bought JUST for the purpose of having sex with them. And he could even be MARRIED with children of his very own. So we see a glimpse into the MIND of the time, MUCH like this one, AND you see SHAOUL’S approach to it. See this is the deal, HOW could a man be ministering LIFE to people if HOMOSEXUALITY and PEDOPHILIA is what HIS BEING witnesses to as a way to BEHAVE himself and get ENERGY or INCREASE? See regardless of what people say, it’s NOT about bashing gay people, it’s about there being an IMAGE that MANKIND was created IN and a WAY we were DESIGNED to behave. And if YOU think that YOU should be in a position of LEADERSHIP or ministering to people and THIS is YOUR behavior, YOU are not even welcome AMONG the gentiles with that shit.

As I said yesterday WE as a people have been DRIVEN OUTSIDE OUR MINDS with LOVE and guess what, THAT is being done by design with an intention as well. So as I said yesterday being drunk with LOVE we ALLOW for SERPENTS with OBVIOUS PSYCHOLOGICAL and sexual ISSUES to not only LEAD us, but WE LET THEM AROUND OUR CHILDREN. We talked about the lineage of the serpent and the PREDETERMINED course written in their GENETICS that leads them to DESIRE POSITIONS of LEADERSHIP. Let’s take a look at the CATHOLIC CHURCH and how IT VIEWS PEDOPHILES and HOMOSEXUALITY. See the Christian church TECHNICALLY IS the CATHOLIC CHURCH even though they DON’T teach you that. But anyway, THESE ARE the seeds of the serpent and WHAT came with the serpent in the garden, SEXUAL PERVERSION in the sense that the man and his woman viewed their SEXUALITY COMPLETELY different AFTER fuckin wit that nigga, AGAIN WHICH IS WHAT CAUSE THEIR DEATH AND THE MOST HIGH TO LEAVE THEIR GARDEN. So we have a CLEAR picture that the SEED of that SERPENT DOES have SEXUAL PERVERSION hard wired INTO their genetics. That’s not saying that if YOU are into any type of his sexual perversion that YOU are the seed of the serpent, that’s saying that if YOU desire to lead a people and YOU are HOMOSEXUAL or a PEDOPHILE YOU AIN’T GOT NO MUFUCKIN BUSINESS LEADING NOBODY.

Now what I would like to touch on is a GUILTY CONSCIENCE and HOW it behaves when there is PRESSURE applied. See one beautiful thing about being son of the KING is, you get ALL of his gifts if you EARN the crown. And with these gifts of course comes ALL wisdom, knowledge and understanding, so what that means is, you can pretty much manifest what you want when you want in accordance with the WILL of The Most High. One thing that people have YET to figure out is, SOMEONE can ALWAYS see YOU. And some people KNOW exactly WHERE and HOW to apply PRESSURE to MAKE someone squeal on  HIMSELF. See the way it works is, when you apply TRUTH in a way the BRINGS LIGHT to a persons DEPTHS and PRESSURE is applied with it, because of the LIGHT shed on the MIND it will basically TELL ON ITSELF. And the way it does that is tries to project it’s VERY OWN GUILT onto the IDENTITY of someone else, because LIGHT is EXPOSING DARKNESS. Y’all remember when you were children and you did SOMETHING so FUCKED UP that you KNEW if yo momma found out DEATH would follow shortly AFTER? Well my mom used to do this thing where if something got broke and she wanted to find out the TRUTH, even though she ALREADY knew it, she would just ask question SURROUNDING the information she wanted us to tell on ourselves about and watch our responses. GUILTY PEOPLE ALWAYS tell on themselves, and they tell you EXACTLY what they have been doing in their DARKNESS. This is a VERY EFFECTIVE way to get the mind to tell on itself. Bottomline is when PRESSURE is applied, the HEART will speak ALL it’s secrets FIRST, and try to PROJECT it’s evil onto someone else. And because of the PRESSURE, the LIGHT and people watching the MIND becomes undone and clumsy in it’s behavior, which cause it to TELL on itself, OR in a sense accuse SOMEONE ELSE to GET OUT in front of it to cast doubts about it’s VERY OWN GUILT.

Remember you ALWAYS tell a tree by the FRUIT it bears, regardless of HOW giving and loving people CAN BE, often times it’s a PSYCHOLOGICAL band-aid to SUB-CONSCIOUSLY cover the GUILT of sins. There was a question asked of me about six months ago that I could not answer the WAY I wanted to because no one can ESTABLISH GUILT based on spiritual gifts and being able to see straight through people. But what you can understand is, THAT will NEVER stop me, I’ll just manifest myself in another way to get what I want to come out. LITERALLY the nigga told on himself yesterday, something that EVERYBODY knew and suspected. One last thing, to someone VERY dear to my heart I made a promise to you, a promise that I will keep, but if ANY PUSSY ASS SHIT like that happens again he gettin burnt down and it’s NOT just two people talking in a truck anymore. So you understand the gravity…

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Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we left off talking about the SERPENT and his LINEAGE and his INTENDED purpose behind their creation of STEALING LIFE from the Children of LIGHT, AND controlling the aspects of LIFE for them that are NOT completely destroyed. Again YOU have been taught LIFE through the MIND of the SERPENT, so TECHNICALLY it’s NOT LIFE at ALL. See when you look at the garden picture and LITERALLY ALL scripture you will see the Serpent AND his LINEAGE enter mingled with the Children of light. Yesterday we talked about MANKIND having a PREDETERMINED course set for THEIR LIFE that was written in their VERY GENETICS, correct? And we ALSO talked about the Children of Darkness or the seed of the SERPENT and how that THEY ALSO have a PREDETERMINED course for the way their LIFE is to go, or what I like to call “A CALLING”. Do y’all remember the parable about the tares among the wheat and how tares LOOKED IDENTICAL to the wheat when they are very small, but the TRUTH about their DESIGN and GENETICS only reveals it’s AFTER they have grown to the point that the LIFE of the WHEAT is DEPENDENT on JUST how destructive the TARES are to ALL the ASPECTS of LIFE concerning the wheat?

I’ve shared with y’all my opinion on JUST how the serpent was ALLOWED into the garden, I believe he was perceived as A FRIEND or someone that could be trusted. He OBVIOUSLY looked like MANKIND and he was OBVIOUSLY INTELLIGENT, correct? The reason I say that he had to be perceived as a friend is because Adom being the PERFECT IMAGE of The Most High would NEVER have allowed him anywhere close to the garden and DEFINITELY NOT his woman if he FIRST wasn’t perceived as a friend or loved one. So this is WHY I believe that the SERPENT befriended Adom. But then ALSO just understanding the mode of operation for the devil, I know that this is HOW he operates and CONTROLS certain aspects of MANKIND today, HE transforms HIMSELF into a MESSENGER of LIGHT. What does that mean by he transforms HIMSELF into a MESSENGER of light? Well what that means is, He AND his messengers have the ABILITY to TRANSFORM their APPEARANCE OR transform the APPEARANCE of their MESSAGE to those that would MIMIC that of someone who is a TRUE minister of light. So we see AGAIN here that there IS an AGENDA written in the VERY GENETICS of the CHILDREN of DARKNESS and it’s SOMETHING they have the ABILITY to turn OFF and ON. Which again is something that is EXCLUSIVE to the DESIGN of the seed of the SERPENT, why do I say that? The Most High created MANKIND one way, meaning we WERE NOT DESIGNED to be DECEPTIVE. What do I mean? If we retain ANY other IMAGE than the ONE that we were CREATED IN, we go CRAZY, PERIOD. The children of darkness HAVE the ABILITY to change and SHAPESHIFT, or NOT be GENUINE but come ACROSS as MINISTERS of LIGHT, very CLEVER DESIGN.

So we can see by just the VERY design that these people are the TYPES of people that would have a PREDETERMINED course or CALLING written in their VERY GENETICS that would give them the DESIRE to LEAD a PEOPLE or MINISTER to people, correct? Well that’s pretty rough seeing that there ARE TRUE ministers of LIGHT that REALLY do speak LIFE, how would ONE be able to tell them APART from the MINISTERS of darkness or the SEED of the SERPENT? Well let’s look at the garden picture. Who was the THIRD person so EAGER to OFFER the TRUE understanding of the way The Most High operates? And WHO was the person that URGED AND TAUGHT MANKIND how to see THEMSELVES in a way that they were NOT DESIGNED to? Who was the person that WITNESSED to them to AGAINST the VERY DESIGN in their GENETICS? See we can ALWAYS tell a tree by it’s fruit.

Ysrayl, what would YOU call PREACHERS, TEACHERS, PROPHET, PASTORS, EVANGELISTS etc that KNOW that the TRUE MESSIYAH was a black man that LOOKS exactly like YOU, but they teach YOU to serve and SUBMIT to ANOTHER IMAGE of a GENTILE man with a completely different NAME? But on top of ALL that, this particular GENTILE man and his message FIT NOTHING in the WORD of The Most High and is ALL COMPLETELY against your GENETIC design. Would THIS be SOMEONE that YOU would call a minister of DARKNESS? Of course you would, see the PROBLEM that the children of the SERPENT have is they can NEVER witness to ANY other NAME or IMAGE OTHER than the ONE they belong to. Meaning they COULD NEVER TEACH TRUTH, they are LITERALLY incapable, SERIOUSLY all you have to do is TRY them with TRUTH. Very clever design huh? So they COULD NEVER submit completely to TRUTH, it’s NOT because they don’t WANT TO they literally CAN NOT. So what they do is try to come up with a LUKEWARM solution most times so THEY get to retain their POSITION of leadership and CONTROL, but it WILL NEVER lead to ANYTHING concerning LIFE.

One other reason I believe that the SERPENT befriended Adom is because of the LOVING design of MANKIND. See WE were created OUT of LOVE and IN LOVE, so by default we gravitate toward LOVE, but the problem is that LOVE was ONLY for those of OUR OWN KIND. What do I mean? We as Hebrew people have been trained to judge LIFE off of emotions or HOW we feel about something or someone. But because the design of our genetics, it’s LITERALLY DEATH to LOVE everyone.  Can you see why it’s so CLEVER to train a people to behave that way? Well because we love, it DOESN’T matter that the ONLY thing YOU have EVER been shown is DEATH and DESTRUCTION, as LONG as THEY tell you they love YOU and YOU are trying to make thing better for ALL of us. See we gravitate towards LOVE as OPPOSED to LOGIC, and this is MOST of the problem with us, allowing LEADERS that are CLEARLY messengers of LUCIFER, we feel that we don’t have a rite to be picky OR make someone PROVE their INTENTIONS. So we can see LOVE that IS NOT founded in TRUTH will lead you to DESTRUCTION ONLY.

The bottomline is this, like I said to YOU before YOUR Christian leaders TEACH you from the “so called” New Testament, the PROBLEM with that is NINETY PERCENT of that was written for GENTILE people. People who HAD to be TAUGHT HOW to behave themselves because THEY DO NOT possess the GENETICS of The Most High. So when they are TEACHING you all these wonderful Christian LAWS so that YOU can retain the IMAGE of the LIE of Jesus, they LITERALLY are training YOU HOW to destroy YOURSELF and ALL the beauty and gifts that you were given of The Most High. But YOU think you are becoming MORE HOLY or something. NOOOO you are KILLING YOURSELF to retain A LIE, AND you are PAYING someone to HELP you DO IT, it that simple. Regardless of HOW emotional YOU are about a religion HANDED to you in SLAVERY for the PURPOSE of making YOU better slaves, it’s a LIE and it is STEALING your life and leading you to COMPLETE DEATH. Many think that the truth is about YOU feel about it, no ONLY a God with an intention and agenda gives the ILLUSION that TRUTH can be negotiated or STILL remain TRUE after it has been made lukewarm.

Bottomline is this Ysrayl, a certain case has been laid before for a certain reason. Of course everyone needs to make decision of the course for their LIFE, but what YOU will NEVER have is LIFE if you think to acquire it through your emotions or thinking YOU are deserving of it, but YOU still WILLINGLY and OPENLY EMBRACE LIES. It LITERALLY does NOT work that way, if YOU had leaders THAT would teach YOU according to TRUTH as opposed to controlling your LIFE for YOU, YOU could see that CLEAR as day. Tomorrow we will continue to talk about how sex and sexuality and how it brings LIFE to MARRIAGE and GLORIFIES the IMAGE of The Most High the WAY HE CREATED it to be AS OPPOSED to what the children of the SERPENT teach YOU…

Tomorrow we continue our course


Good morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Again I do apologize for NOT having the OTHER site up and going yet. I wasn’t able to get another date with him until next week because of some scheduling issues on his part. Anyway, we left off talking about sex and sexuality in marriage.

Ysrayl, the bottomline is THIS, YOU were created in the IMAGE of The Most High for HIS purpose and glory on the earth. So this means that YOU have DESIGN that ALLOWS for a PREDETERMINED course in your life. What we DON’T realize is, YOUR design or the WAY you see yourself and behave pretty much determines the course your life will take. What do I mean? Well check it out, when a Lion cub is born in the wild it’s safe to say that his GENETICS and his ENVIRONMENT pretty much determines a certain course for his life as long as his GENETICS DOES NOT change, or the EFFECT that his ENVIRONMENT has on the WAY his genetics are perceived. Meaning, as long as he can retain the IMAGE he was created in, we can draw an understanding of the COURSE that his life will pretty much take. In the garden there was the man and his woman TOGETHER building THEIR PARADISE with a PREDETERMINED course for their LIFE that was set in their GENETICS(replenish the earth and subdue it). So we see that in the UNTOUCHED form of the IMAGE of The Most High they were ALREADY on the PATH of RIGHTEOUSNESS there was NO need for anybody to come and TEACH them HOW to create paradise, THEY were ALREADY created with PARADISE in them. Their PREDETERMINED course that was set in their genetics CAUSED them to DESIRE to make that PARADISE a reality in the PHYSICAL realm the same way it was in their PSYCHOLOGICAL garden.

Y’all remember we talked about the serpent and how him being CALLED the serpent had NOTHING to do with him be a SNAKE in the sense of a LITERAL snake, he was called the serpent because of his GENETICS. His BLOODLINE lead back to lucifer. We also discussed that there WAS races of people on the earth ALREADY before MANKIND was even created, this is OBVIOUSLY is where the SERPENT came from, as well as the woman Qayin/cain married and started his lineage. So we see the MAN and HIS WIFE creating THEIR paradise the WAY The Most High intended for them to do, WITH the BLUEPRINTS to that PARADISE ALREADY hard wired INTO their BEINGS, correct? So let’s look at what happened when THEY allowed for SOMEONE to come and tell THEM what the will of The Most High REALLY was for their life. So we see MANKIND HARDWIRED with a PREDETERMINED course IN THEIR GENETICS, completely PERFECT in ALL it’s beauty with NO understanding OF GOOD or EVIL, JUST beauty. But then we would ALSO have to say that the SERPENT has his VERY OWN PREDETERMINED course for HIS life set in his VERY GENETICS as well, correct? Do we see the SERPENTS predetermined course show up in the garden? OF course, remember we talked about how lucifer’s ULTIMATE goal was to DISTORT the IMAGE of The Most High and CONTROL certain aspects of man? Well this is what we see in the garden picture.

Let me ask y’all a question. If there was races of people on the EARTH BEFORE the creation of MANKIND, then you have the NEW creation of MANKIND come on the scene with the PREDETERMINED course for their life to REPLENISH THE EARTH AND SUBDUE IT, WHAT happens to the races of people that were HERE BEFORE mankind was created? They PROBABLY wouldn’t last very long would they? See we are told that Adom was PERFECT and that the EARTH was just this WONDERFUL beautiful place when MANKIND was created, in this understanding that paints a picture that’s JUST NOT ACCURATE. If they were perfect in the understanding being presented, TWO things would have NEVER happened. ONE, they would had NEVER been given the command to KEEP(guard,protect) the garden, and two they would have NEVER been able to fall. So the IMAGE of being PERFECT and there was this PERFECT peaceful earth WAS JUST NOT ACCURATE. Matter of fact when Qayin/Cain was sent away he said that “every MAN” that sees him will KILL him. So this gives you the CLEAR picture that VIOLENCE was ALREADY on the earth and man WAS to KEEP himself AND his PARADISE protected from THOSE that would think to steal it.

So we have the picture of The People of The Most High and you have a picture of a LINEAGE that leads BACK to LUCIFER, correct? Would it be SAFE to say that THIS is a picture of the things to come in the future? Meaning you would have a LINEAGE(lineage does NOT mean color or race) of people that ONLY are set here on the earth to DESTROY the PARADISE of the children of LIGHT AND CONTROL certain aspects of THEIR life? Of course it is, it ALWAYS has been. See we think that this is ALL new because we are just experiencing certain things for the FIRST time, but THIS has always been the way things work. Problem is EVERYTHING is being taught to YOU in a reality and understanding that paints a picture for YOU that makes YOU give AWAY EVERYTHING given to YOU of The Most High. The MORE you let people tell YOU how YOUR life should be lived, the MORE YOU become the IMAGE THEY want you to retain. The garden picture is the SAME picture you see today, people with the GENETICS of The Most High being TAUGHT how to build their PARADISE by those with a PREDETERMINED course set in their genetics to STEAL LIFE and CONTROL the aspects of it that are NOT completely destroyed. This is what the world does for you with it’s religions and taboos. They are THE MIND of the serpent TEACHING YOU what’s acceptable for YOU.

Ysrayl, this is a HUGE secret SERIOUSLY, if you remove ALL appearance of EVERYTHING that the tree of ALL knowledge provides for you in your MARRIAGE and ALL the BULLSHIT that we have going on between one another in marriages, YOU give The Most High a dwelling place IN YOUR GARDEN/PARADISE, it’s that simple. This is the secret behind MARRIAGE Y’all, and it’s SOOOO simple. This is the picture you see in the garden, The Most High DWELLING and communing with MANKIND OPENLY, but after the FALL and the PERCEPTION change of their IDENTITY and ALL the BEAUTY it was created in, it FORCED The Most High OUT of their garden. LITERALLY this is the way it works, your GENTILE counter parts KNOW this, this is ONE of the reason they DISTORT your IMAGE so beautifully and give YOU wonderful preachers and teachers to teach YOU how to LIVE. This may seem too easy or rite in your face to be true, but it is. This is the reason my post got blocked yesterday, they knew where I was going with it…

Tomorrow we continue our course