Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we left off talking about the SERPENT and his LINEAGE and his INTENDED purpose behind their creation of STEALING LIFE from the Children of LIGHT, AND controlling the aspects of LIFE for them that are NOT completely destroyed. Again YOU have been taught LIFE through the MIND of the SERPENT, so TECHNICALLY it’s NOT LIFE at ALL. See when you look at the garden picture and LITERALLY ALL scripture you will see the Serpent AND his LINEAGE enter mingled with the Children of light. Yesterday we talked about MANKIND having a PREDETERMINED course set for THEIR LIFE that was written in their VERY GENETICS, correct? And we ALSO talked about the Children of Darkness or the seed of the SERPENT and how that THEY ALSO have a PREDETERMINED course for the way their LIFE is to go, or what I like to call “A CALLING”. Do y’all remember the parable about the tares among the wheat and how tares LOOKED IDENTICAL to the wheat when they are very small, but the TRUTH about their DESIGN and GENETICS only reveals it’s AFTER they have grown to the point that the LIFE of the WHEAT is DEPENDENT on JUST how destructive the TARES are to ALL the ASPECTS of LIFE concerning the wheat?

I’ve shared with y’all my opinion on JUST how the serpent was ALLOWED into the garden, I believe he was perceived as A FRIEND or someone that could be trusted. He OBVIOUSLY looked like MANKIND and he was OBVIOUSLY INTELLIGENT, correct? The reason I say that he had to be perceived as a friend is because Adom being the PERFECT IMAGE of The Most High would NEVER have allowed him anywhere close to the garden and DEFINITELY NOT his woman if he FIRST wasn’t perceived as a friend or loved one. So this is WHY I believe that the SERPENT befriended Adom. But then ALSO just understanding the mode of operation for the devil, I know that this is HOW he operates and CONTROLS certain aspects of MANKIND today, HE transforms HIMSELF into a MESSENGER of LIGHT. What does that mean by he transforms HIMSELF into a MESSENGER of light? Well what that means is, He AND his messengers have the ABILITY to TRANSFORM their APPEARANCE OR transform the APPEARANCE of their MESSAGE to those that would MIMIC that of someone who is a TRUE minister of light. So we see AGAIN here that there IS an AGENDA written in the VERY GENETICS of the CHILDREN of DARKNESS and it’s SOMETHING they have the ABILITY to turn OFF and ON. Which again is something that is EXCLUSIVE to the DESIGN of the seed of the SERPENT, why do I say that? The Most High created MANKIND one way, meaning we WERE NOT DESIGNED to be DECEPTIVE. What do I mean? If we retain ANY other IMAGE than the ONE that we were CREATED IN, we go CRAZY, PERIOD. The children of darkness HAVE the ABILITY to change and SHAPESHIFT, or NOT be GENUINE but come ACROSS as MINISTERS of LIGHT, very CLEVER DESIGN.

So we can see by just the VERY design that these people are the TYPES of people that would have a PREDETERMINED course or CALLING written in their VERY GENETICS that would give them the DESIRE to LEAD a PEOPLE or MINISTER to people, correct? Well that’s pretty rough seeing that there ARE TRUE ministers of LIGHT that REALLY do speak LIFE, how would ONE be able to tell them APART from the MINISTERS of darkness or the SEED of the SERPENT? Well let’s look at the garden picture. Who was the THIRD person so EAGER to OFFER the TRUE understanding of the way The Most High operates? And WHO was the person that URGED AND TAUGHT MANKIND how to see THEMSELVES in a way that they were NOT DESIGNED to? Who was the person that WITNESSED to them to AGAINST the VERY DESIGN in their GENETICS? See we can ALWAYS tell a tree by it’s fruit.

Ysrayl, what would YOU call PREACHERS, TEACHERS, PROPHET, PASTORS, EVANGELISTS etc that KNOW that the TRUE MESSIYAH was a black man that LOOKS exactly like YOU, but they teach YOU to serve and SUBMIT to ANOTHER IMAGE of a GENTILE man with a completely different NAME? But on top of ALL that, this particular GENTILE man and his message FIT NOTHING in the WORD of The Most High and is ALL COMPLETELY against your GENETIC design. Would THIS be SOMEONE that YOU would call a minister of DARKNESS? Of course you would, see the PROBLEM that the children of the SERPENT have is they can NEVER witness to ANY other NAME or IMAGE OTHER than the ONE they belong to. Meaning they COULD NEVER TEACH TRUTH, they are LITERALLY incapable, SERIOUSLY all you have to do is TRY them with TRUTH. Very clever design huh? So they COULD NEVER submit completely to TRUTH, it’s NOT because they don’t WANT TO they literally CAN NOT. So what they do is try to come up with a LUKEWARM solution most times so THEY get to retain their POSITION of leadership and CONTROL, but it WILL NEVER lead to ANYTHING concerning LIFE.

One other reason I believe that the SERPENT befriended Adom is because of the LOVING design of MANKIND. See WE were created OUT of LOVE and IN LOVE, so by default we gravitate toward LOVE, but the problem is that LOVE was ONLY for those of OUR OWN KIND. What do I mean? We as Hebrew people have been trained to judge LIFE off of emotions or HOW we feel about something or someone. But because the design of our genetics, it’s LITERALLY DEATH to LOVE everyone.  Can you see why it’s so CLEVER to train a people to behave that way? Well because we love, it DOESN’T matter that the ONLY thing YOU have EVER been shown is DEATH and DESTRUCTION, as LONG as THEY tell you they love YOU and YOU are trying to make thing better for ALL of us. See we gravitate towards LOVE as OPPOSED to LOGIC, and this is MOST of the problem with us, allowing LEADERS that are CLEARLY messengers of LUCIFER, we feel that we don’t have a rite to be picky OR make someone PROVE their INTENTIONS. So we can see LOVE that IS NOT founded in TRUTH will lead you to DESTRUCTION ONLY.

The bottomline is this, like I said to YOU before YOUR Christian leaders TEACH you from the “so called” New Testament, the PROBLEM with that is NINETY PERCENT of that was written for GENTILE people. People who HAD to be TAUGHT HOW to behave themselves because THEY DO NOT possess the GENETICS of The Most High. So when they are TEACHING you all these wonderful Christian LAWS so that YOU can retain the IMAGE of the LIE of Jesus, they LITERALLY are training YOU HOW to destroy YOURSELF and ALL the beauty and gifts that you were given of The Most High. But YOU think you are becoming MORE HOLY or something. NOOOO you are KILLING YOURSELF to retain A LIE, AND you are PAYING someone to HELP you DO IT, it that simple. Regardless of HOW emotional YOU are about a religion HANDED to you in SLAVERY for the PURPOSE of making YOU better slaves, it’s a LIE and it is STEALING your life and leading you to COMPLETE DEATH. Many think that the truth is about YOU feel about it, no ONLY a God with an intention and agenda gives the ILLUSION that TRUTH can be negotiated or STILL remain TRUE after it has been made lukewarm.

Bottomline is this Ysrayl, a certain case has been laid before for a certain reason. Of course everyone needs to make decision of the course for their LIFE, but what YOU will NEVER have is LIFE if you think to acquire it through your emotions or thinking YOU are deserving of it, but YOU still WILLINGLY and OPENLY EMBRACE LIES. It LITERALLY does NOT work that way, if YOU had leaders THAT would teach YOU according to TRUTH as opposed to controlling your LIFE for YOU, YOU could see that CLEAR as day. Tomorrow we will continue to talk about how sex and sexuality and how it brings LIFE to MARRIAGE and GLORIFIES the IMAGE of The Most High the WAY HE CREATED it to be AS OPPOSED to what the children of the SERPENT teach YOU…

Tomorrow we continue our course


Good morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Again I do apologize for NOT having the OTHER site up and going yet. I wasn’t able to get another date with him until next week because of some scheduling issues on his part. Anyway, we left off talking about sex and sexuality in marriage.

Ysrayl, the bottomline is THIS, YOU were created in the IMAGE of The Most High for HIS purpose and glory on the earth. So this means that YOU have DESIGN that ALLOWS for a PREDETERMINED course in your life. What we DON’T realize is, YOUR design or the WAY you see yourself and behave pretty much determines the course your life will take. What do I mean? Well check it out, when a Lion cub is born in the wild it’s safe to say that his GENETICS and his ENVIRONMENT pretty much determines a certain course for his life as long as his GENETICS DOES NOT change, or the EFFECT that his ENVIRONMENT has on the WAY his genetics are perceived. Meaning, as long as he can retain the IMAGE he was created in, we can draw an understanding of the COURSE that his life will pretty much take. In the garden there was the man and his woman TOGETHER building THEIR PARADISE with a PREDETERMINED course for their LIFE that was set in their GENETICS(replenish the earth and subdue it). So we see that in the UNTOUCHED form of the IMAGE of The Most High they were ALREADY on the PATH of RIGHTEOUSNESS there was NO need for anybody to come and TEACH them HOW to create paradise, THEY were ALREADY created with PARADISE in them. Their PREDETERMINED course that was set in their genetics CAUSED them to DESIRE to make that PARADISE a reality in the PHYSICAL realm the same way it was in their PSYCHOLOGICAL garden.

Y’all remember we talked about the serpent and how him being CALLED the serpent had NOTHING to do with him be a SNAKE in the sense of a LITERAL snake, he was called the serpent because of his GENETICS. His BLOODLINE lead back to lucifer. We also discussed that there WAS races of people on the earth ALREADY before MANKIND was even created, this is OBVIOUSLY is where the SERPENT came from, as well as the woman Qayin/cain married and started his lineage. So we see the MAN and HIS WIFE creating THEIR paradise the WAY The Most High intended for them to do, WITH the BLUEPRINTS to that PARADISE ALREADY hard wired INTO their BEINGS, correct? So let’s look at what happened when THEY allowed for SOMEONE to come and tell THEM what the will of The Most High REALLY was for their life. So we see MANKIND HARDWIRED with a PREDETERMINED course IN THEIR GENETICS, completely PERFECT in ALL it’s beauty with NO understanding OF GOOD or EVIL, JUST beauty. But then we would ALSO have to say that the SERPENT has his VERY OWN PREDETERMINED course for HIS life set in his VERY GENETICS as well, correct? Do we see the SERPENTS predetermined course show up in the garden? OF course, remember we talked about how lucifer’s ULTIMATE goal was to DISTORT the IMAGE of The Most High and CONTROL certain aspects of man? Well this is what we see in the garden picture.

Let me ask y’all a question. If there was races of people on the EARTH BEFORE the creation of MANKIND, then you have the NEW creation of MANKIND come on the scene with the PREDETERMINED course for their life to REPLENISH THE EARTH AND SUBDUE IT, WHAT happens to the races of people that were HERE BEFORE mankind was created? They PROBABLY wouldn’t last very long would they? See we are told that Adom was PERFECT and that the EARTH was just this WONDERFUL beautiful place when MANKIND was created, in this understanding that paints a picture that’s JUST NOT ACCURATE. If they were perfect in the understanding being presented, TWO things would have NEVER happened. ONE, they would had NEVER been given the command to KEEP(guard,protect) the garden, and two they would have NEVER been able to fall. So the IMAGE of being PERFECT and there was this PERFECT peaceful earth WAS JUST NOT ACCURATE. Matter of fact when Qayin/Cain was sent away he said that “every MAN” that sees him will KILL him. So this gives you the CLEAR picture that VIOLENCE was ALREADY on the earth and man WAS to KEEP himself AND his PARADISE protected from THOSE that would think to steal it.

So we have the picture of The People of The Most High and you have a picture of a LINEAGE that leads BACK to LUCIFER, correct? Would it be SAFE to say that THIS is a picture of the things to come in the future? Meaning you would have a LINEAGE(lineage does NOT mean color or race) of people that ONLY are set here on the earth to DESTROY the PARADISE of the children of LIGHT AND CONTROL certain aspects of THEIR life? Of course it is, it ALWAYS has been. See we think that this is ALL new because we are just experiencing certain things for the FIRST time, but THIS has always been the way things work. Problem is EVERYTHING is being taught to YOU in a reality and understanding that paints a picture for YOU that makes YOU give AWAY EVERYTHING given to YOU of The Most High. The MORE you let people tell YOU how YOUR life should be lived, the MORE YOU become the IMAGE THEY want you to retain. The garden picture is the SAME picture you see today, people with the GENETICS of The Most High being TAUGHT how to build their PARADISE by those with a PREDETERMINED course set in their genetics to STEAL LIFE and CONTROL the aspects of it that are NOT completely destroyed. This is what the world does for you with it’s religions and taboos. They are THE MIND of the serpent TEACHING YOU what’s acceptable for YOU.

Ysrayl, this is a HUGE secret SERIOUSLY, if you remove ALL appearance of EVERYTHING that the tree of ALL knowledge provides for you in your MARRIAGE and ALL the BULLSHIT that we have going on between one another in marriages, YOU give The Most High a dwelling place IN YOUR GARDEN/PARADISE, it’s that simple. This is the secret behind MARRIAGE Y’all, and it’s SOOOO simple. This is the picture you see in the garden, The Most High DWELLING and communing with MANKIND OPENLY, but after the FALL and the PERCEPTION change of their IDENTITY and ALL the BEAUTY it was created in, it FORCED The Most High OUT of their garden. LITERALLY this is the way it works, your GENTILE counter parts KNOW this, this is ONE of the reason they DISTORT your IMAGE so beautifully and give YOU wonderful preachers and teachers to teach YOU how to LIVE. This may seem too easy or rite in your face to be true, but it is. This is the reason my post got blocked yesterday, they knew where I was going with it…

Tomorrow we continue our course