Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Today I would like to begin to talk to you about exactly what The Most High sees you when he sees himself in you.

One very important thing that we always have to keep in the front of our minds is that, The Most High created Mankind to mirror his image because his image is the only thing that he responds to. So we have to say that it brings him joy when he sees himself in us especially when he gave Mankind the ability to choose to retain that image or embrace  another. This is what we see in ourselves when we receive joy from our own children when they choose to retain the image that they were created in. As we now understand from the picture of creation, Mankind had to be built, or there had to be energy applied to retain the image of The Most High. So when you have the picture of Adom working, this can be looked at as the work that man had to put in for his woman, but also to complete the image of The Most High so that he could receive pleasure. So the work toward embracing the image would also have to be looked at as worship to The Most High. The man is giving of his energy to build an image that The Most High gets pleasure from. This would give us the understanding that The Most High gets pleasure from seeing the actual work. How do we know that, well he gave the man more work when he gave him the woman.

Of course this would be a different kind of work, this work serves a dual purpose and that is to reward the man for the labor that he put in, but also give him pleasure and comfort for the rest of the work that he is expecting to receive from the man. That is the true understanding of a helpmate. When your children get good marks in school, you might reward them because it encourages the behavior and energy applied to receive the good marks. So it’s easy to say that with the operation of building Paradise, there is the beauty of experiencing Paradise as you are building, correct? Well from reading scripture we understand that Adom was not where he should have been and his work was left undone. So we would have to say that at some point Adom was not receiving the pleasure that he was expecting from the experience of building Paradise, therefore it had to feel more like the garden then Paradise. One very important thing that we have to keep in mind is that Paradise as a whole, meaning the totality of the vision of Paradise did not start with Adom. Why is that important to understand? Well because it didn’t start with Adom, the vision could only make sense from what he could see and understand with his own physical, psychological and spiritual faculties, correct?

Well remember we talked about the way that the woman presents herself often times determines whether she is interpreted as Paradise or the Garden(work)? Well I believe that this is were The Most High gets the most of his Glory. Let me explain. The man was given the ability to choose his own path, so the work that the man did to receive the woman was a choice to serve The Most High to give him pleasure and increase(worship). So when the man chose to commit himself to the work of bringing him pleasure, The Most High rewarded the man with the desire of his heart correct? But when he rewarded him he rewarded him with the pleasure of the woman, but there was also work involved with that. He had to build the woman into the proper image. So what are we seeing here? The Most High was looking to receive pleasure from the work that the man was putting into building his woman just like he was receiving pleasure from building the physical Paradise, correct? So we would have to say that the man seeing his pleasure as work was a paradigm issues, but it effected to man and his ability to please(worship) The Most High, correct? So ultimately what happened was, whatever had Adom distracted it’s only purpose for being there was to get him to see work as work as opposed to Paradise building, and draw him away from his actual Paradise, or the Paradise that was built by him and The Most High. So we get the understanding that there had to be something in place to distract the man that mimics Paradise without the work, or the illusion that he would be able to put down the work for a spell to recharge his batteries elsewhere other than his garden. This would be the beginning of the deception with mankind, that the Paradise that was put on the inside of the man during creation could be realized through any other method than the one and the way he was created to experience Paradise…

Tomorrow we continue our course


Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we left off talking about there being an ORDER to LOVE just like everything else with The Most High, and just like EVERYTHING else that order has to be realized on all levels before it can ALLOW for any light into LIFE.

Since we have talked about sex and sexuality in marriage, I would like to talk about EXACTLY how The Most High manifests himself IN our marriage when he sees himself. But before we begin our discussion with that there is something else that I would like to take a moment to talk about. What I would like to talk about is LOVE itself. Ysrayl, LOVE is one of those things along with MANY others has the ability to manifest itself in ways that it appears to take a shape of it’s very OWN when being interpreted. What do I mean? Love REALLY can ONLY be useful if it is UNDERSTOOD in the same capacity that generated it’s existence. So what that means is, LOVE can ONLY be understood as LOVE if it’s RECOGNIZABLE, and if it’s NOT RECOGNIZABLE it is often mistaken for other things. Love will make you understand LIFE in a way that makes EVERYTHING come ALIVE and voice their position. Love will also silence all those affected by it. So it’s pretty safe to say that LOVE itself ONLY has ONE objective, but MANIFESTS itself in many different ways.

As most of you probably know that read these writings that ONE of the reasons for these writings is because of the love I have for my family and my hearts desire to SEE them perform in the capacity that THEY were created to perform in. One thing about The Most High that we find in ALL of our genetics is YOU TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN FIRST. Meaning WHERE you come from gets the first fruits of your labor if you are to call yourself a man to ANY degree. But what’s even more BEAUTIFUL is when you read scripture, WHENEVER The Most High wanted to do something with his PEOPLE he would target those PEOPLE THROUGH one of their OWN. And of course in order to know whether or not the person who is presenting themselves before you is AUTHENTIC, you’d have to compare the message AND the spirit in which it is delivered to the UNDERSTANDING of TRUTH as it applies to the word. I know many can only study for what they have time for to really UNDERSTAND scripture and the WAY that is SUPPOSED to be taught and UNDERSTOOD. This is one of the reasons why I believe The Most High chooses those that are of the PEOPLE he is targeting, usually a person who has struggled with those people understand them in and the way that the MIND of those people operate.

To my personal family I would like to share something with you all. There has been a multiplicity of sacrifices made with you in mind, and of course I don’t say ANY of this to gain ANY credit from you. Some of them were required and some of them I volunteered, none of this is my issue. For months I have sacrificed to bring you truth whether my attempts were seen for what they were or not, THAT was my intention. Most of the way I have either gotten shot at by MANY of you, or flat out disrespected. Which is not something that is not new for me, actually it’s something that I expected. But there is another aspect to this and what that is is WHAT is actually being gained. Regardless of what MANY may believe there are VERY REAL reasons for the ENERGY put into this. Let me Explain.

Every single one of you men in my family are bound under a curse that has had our family in chains for A VERY LONG TIME. This is NOT something that is uncommon, we as a PEOPLE are currently under a curse. This was PARTIALLY why I was sent to YOU, YOU REALLY ARE the SEED of ABBA AVRAHEM IN EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF THE WORD. This is the REASON your lineage was bound up. This is what I have been trying to convince YOU of for these months. And YOU in particular was given something that NOT many other people have been given, and MANY of you KNOW this. YOUR LINEAGE was bound by lucifer through DECEPTION and FORCE, IT WAS NOT GIVEN WILLINGLY, this is why you were given a CHOICE and a certain window of time was given for that CHOICE to be realized with you. This curse that I’m speaking to you about has LITERALLY stolen your RITE to LIFE. What rite to life means is, LITERALLY you HAVE to stay on the OUTSIDE of the LIFE that was given to YOUR LINEAGE. One of the REASONS I fought SOOO hard is because YOU DON’T KNOW and YOU CAN’T SEE who you are.

Let me EXPLAIN this to you. The way things work in THE REAL SPIRIT REALM is, EVERY SINGLE lineage has an OVERSEER. What that means is REGARDLESS if you realize it or NOT, the SPIRIT that you give yourselves to, or the POWER you give yourselves to SPEAKS for YOUR LINEAGE. So if the spirit overseeing that lineage is a spirit of LIGHT, this allows for WHATEVER that lineage has held in the HEAVENLY’S to flow THROUGH it to the people it belongs to. If the spirit that is overseeing that lineage is a spirit of DARKNESS, NOTHING flows THROUGH to that LINEAGE. Literally that’s the WAY it works. This is NOT about any ONE person, this is about a LINEAGE. What that means is, YOU can think it DOES NOT apply to you, and it doesn’t, IF, YOU can take yourself OUT of your LINEAGE. Just so I’m clear, NONE of what you read was about ANYTHING PERSONAL with ANYONE, but you are being ROBBED and stolen from. And even though MUCH of what I am saying to you about the way these curses work may sound like a MYSTERY, what IS NOT a MYSTERY is the FRAUD that’s been LYING to YOU. I could give two fucks about a LIAR, BUT I can’t feel the same way about people who JUST DON’T KNOW. There is a reason we ARE NOT allowed to have an enemy in the gates. What do I mean by ENEMY? In this understanding what I mean is a person that will FUCKIN LIE TO YOUR FUCKIN FACE AND THEY KNOW YOU ARE PUTTING YOUR WHOLE ENTIRE FUCKIN LIFE INTO THIS. If nothing else, YOU KNOW THAT TO BE TRUE. If I didn’t give a fuck it WOULD be a WHOLE lot easier for me to deal with, but the LIFE you KNOW you are SUPPOSED to have is being STOLEN from you. That’s the reason for so much energy, and that’s it…

I am NOT the overseer of THIS particular lineage, I have my own lineage. So this would have NEVER effected me in ANY way, my job was to bring YOU truth in HOPES that you would allow LIGHT to bring in YOUR true overseer. I said to y’all a few times that this was a WHOLE lot bigger than you think or can see, and it really is. There is SOOO much that CAN NOT be manifested in you, not because the power or ability isn’t there, you are in a place where that is LITERALLY impossible. Also let me be clear about something else, NEVER would my intention be to bring division between my family, but I AM A FIRM BELIEVER in separating the sheep from the goats. This is NOT about hatred of ANY person, it’s about being TRUE to what you claim you represent. Leaders SHOULD and NEED to be held to a STANDARD, and if they come up short they should be removed. I hold MYSELF accountable to this standard, if we CAN’T do that, what the hell ARE we doing? ALL the love in the world IS NOT gonna change ANYONE’S spiritual state. And of course MY intention would NEVER be to DICTATE WHO SOMEONE LOVES, but if LOVE is blinding YOU from seeing that your LIFE is being held from you, I’m not familiar with that version. So it was all about YOU from the beginning. Of course you are my family and there can only be nothing but love, but I have to focus my spirit and energy in another direction, I can no longer center my attack with primarily you in mind. This DOES NOT mean that YOU ALL can’t HAVE EVERYTHING that YOU have coming for you, it means as a collective I am no longer allowed to war in the spirit for you. Y’all HAVE to get the ENEMY out of your gates, literally that’s THE ONLY WAY you will see The Most High, all you have to do is read, it’s ALWAYS been that way I didn’t just come up with this. Whatever and whoever spirit you allow in and you submit to you become ONE with that spirit. And as long as you KNOWINGLY allow those to dwell among you that DO NOT BEAR the seal but REPRESENT YOU, you will never see ANYTHING from The Most High, just read…

Tomorrow we continue our course



Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we left off talking about Hawah and the fact that she was created to bring beauty, pleasure and increase, but she ended up bringing him death and destruction.

Brothas what we talked about yesterday is a PRIME example of, if you DON’T take care of your business, your business WILL take care of you. Of course Hawah probably had no REAL hatred for her Husband and of course she didn’t KNOW ultimately she would be killing HERSELF with her actions, but HOW many men see this in WOMEN all day EVERY SINGLE DAMN DAY. Because SOMEBODY told her she can DO IT BETTER, or that MEN ARE STUPID, or NEVER WOULD A MAN BE ABLE TO TELL THEM SHIT, and you shakin your head because YOU know she bout to FUCK EVERYTHING UP, gassed up on an ILLUSION. See ladies brothas can be stupid, dogs, slow, WHATEVER, but the bottomline is, YOU WILL NEVER BEAT US no matter HOW hard you TRY. That’s NOT because we are MEN, it’s because we are ONE. And that my beautiful sisters is the ILLUSION that was bought. Lucifer is called the ACCUSER of MANKIND, correct? Does this FIT anyone else’s way of addressing MANKIND? So do y’all see EXACTLY what Adom and Hawah did for ALL of us, they gave us an ENEMY that has KEYS TO THE PALACE. But what are we STILL doing that we been doing SINCE the garden? Blaming the NEXT person for the shit that WE DID OR DID NOT DO.

We HAVE to understand that when Hawah was taken by the SERPENT, technically what was taken WAS OUR SEXUALITY and SEXUAL IDENTITY. And of course the serpent’s version of SEXUALITY is ALL PERVERSION. Why do I say that? Well the woman represented sexuality in the understanding that the MAN wasn’t having no sex til she got there. So technically when she was given to the man, SEXUALITY was given to MANKIND. So with the serpent TAKING the woman, he TOOK sexuality from MANKIND the way it was created and a DIFFERENT understanding was given. And that’s MOSTLY what we see with them covering themselves and what you see today. Of course by now MOST see that LIFE WAS and IS to come through SEX, but no one REALLY wants to accept the fact that DEATH comes through sex THE VERY SAME WAY. And of course that’s what the serpent represents is death, or the option OUTSIDE of MANKIND. Y’all remember we talked about the TARES among the WHEAT and how that not until the TARES and the WHEAT are so interconnected do you see the TRUE genetics of the TARES? Of course we understand the TARES to be the SEED of the SERPENT, but are we REALIZING that their TARGET is the WHEAT? What do I mean? The SERPENT TARGETED Hawah and the man, the TARES were sow PURPOSELY into the WHEAT, what am I saying? I’m saying NONE of this is happenstance, even though we ALL look the same there is something VERY evil lurking beneath the surface of MANY that are among us, and it’s written in their GENETICS. So what does that mean? Well let me ask you WHERE does the CHRISTIAN doctrine of LOVE EVERYBODY fit into this? Or this FREE LOVE that EVERYBODY is pushing on the world? Did ANYONE remember to INFUSE to the GENETICS of the SERPENT and his CHILDREN with LOVE since there is so much FREE LOVE going around? Of course NOT because if they did they WOULDN’T still lying to you about WHO you are and doing EVERYTHING in their POWER to KEEP you from knowing that. Who do you think is behind all this BLIND FREE LOVE that EVERYBODY THINKS is gonna save the world?

Just like EVERYTHING else with The Most High, LOVE has an ORDER, and JUST like EVERYTHING else with lucifer he is doing EVERYTHING possible to CONFUSE that ORDER. It is written that YAH so loved the world he gave his ONLY son(born of the flesh of mankind), that those who would believe in him should have LIFE everlasting. Well just so you COMPLETELY understand what’s being said, a BETTER way to say it would be, YAH had SO MUCH LOVE FOR THOSE THAT WERE ((IN THE WORLD)) THAT HE GAVE HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON. Meaning his INTENTION was to save people OUT of the WORLD that BELIEVED on the TRUTH that his son represented, as opposed to the LIE that the WORLD represents. We ALL know that The Most High DOES NOT LOVE the WORLD NOR the THINGS OF THE WORLD. But of course your religion and the world will NEVER teach you that PROPERLY because the PURPOSE was for YOU to CONTINUOUSLY be USED by the very same SLAVE MASTERS who FORCED that understanding AND religion in you and on you. Why is this so important here? Ysrayl, loving a LIE makes YOU a LIE, PERIOD. We think that our faculties and energy are just to be USED for whatever we are TOLD they are used for. ALL of this comes from the MIND of the serpent and it’s for the purpose of EVERYONE being whores to him, his people and his plan. NONE of this BEHAVIOR is found in scripture and THIS is ONE of the reasons WE are dying, we as a people GIVE ALL of OUR energy and understanding to the SERPENT and his children, this is why WE have NOTHING.

A man that is unknowing his TRUE IDENTITY and purpose LOVES his religion, money, material possessions, HIS own IMAGE, women, liquor, lies, sex, Illusion of life, EVERYBODY etc, THEN he loves his woman and children also. Now how much of this LOVE is ACTUALLY in line with the WORD of The Most High and how much of this is ACTUALLY beneficial to the IMAGE and the cause? Now since YOU LOVE all these things let me ask you this, HOW much of these things DO YOU CONTROL? Since the MAJORITY of them YOU DON’T control but YOU LOVE them, it’s safe to say that the ONES controlling these things TECHNICALLY are controlling YOU? So we have a CLEAR picture that LOVE can somewhat be USED as a device of CONTROL and death if it’s connected to something, someone, or an UNDERSTANDING that we were NOT commanded to, correct? Well remember that MANKIND was designed as closed circuit, multi-dimensional, LIFE regenerating beings, so this gives you the picture that WHATEVER we GIVE OUT is SUPPOSED to be REPLENISHED if it’s to be LIFE giving OR if it benefits YOU in ANY way. Well THIS is why we CAN NOT and DO NOT love properly Ysrayl, we love and BEHAVE JUST LIKE GENTILES. This is why MEN love themselves and PLEASURE MORE then their OWN wives, and this is why WOMEN respect MONEY and what a man can PROVIDE for them more than the ACTUAL MAN. We have been given the MIND of the SERPENT, so we ONLY perceive LIFE the way the SERPENT and his children perceive LIFE and OBVIOUSLY this LIFE is NOT one at ALL.

Adom was given Hawah, but SOMETHING pulled ENOUGH ENERGY from his EMOTIONAL and PSYCHOLOGICAL faculties to ALLOW for his understanding AND display to be distorted to the point that, MANHOOD as concerning the DUTIES to his WOMAN and his GARDEN were LEFT OPEN for the SERPENT. To NOT only convince his woman to give herself to him, but also SOW TARES within her garden to the point that SHE became the serpent because she was one with him. So we see that it is very well possible that WHATEVER that had Adom distracted, MOST LIKELY was placed there for that VERY PURPOSE. INCLUDING the FRIENDSHIP and LOVE he may have had for the serpent.

The woman, who KNEW full well what she was doing WAS NOT IGNORANT like people paint her out to be, became the AGENT of DEATH for mankind, but I’m pretty sure she HERSELF thought she was doing what WAS BEST FOR HER OWN NEEDS. The problem with that is, there was NO ONE else that was designed to provide for her needs OTHER than the man, correct? So what we have is, a TOTAL breakdown in the MIND of MANKIND as a whole. Adom is distracted and the woman being neglected is tempted to handle things the ONLY WAY she WAS designed to RECEIVE LIFE and that’s to BECOME ONE with someone or something that LOOKS like it provides what she wants and needs. Are we SEEING ALL the ILLUSIONS of LIFE in this picture? What do I mean? EVERYBODY is chasing SOMETHING other than what was GIVEN to them for the PURPOSE of LIFE and ALL their ENERGY and LOVE is wrapped up in it. But ALL this energy is being HARNESSED by the serpent and HIS children, they CONTROL EVERYTHING that they fell in love with then AND what we fallin in love with NOW.

The bottomline to ALL this is, THERE IS NO NEW SIN KNOWN TO MAN, this has been going on since the BEGINNING and we are still falling for it. We were EXILED OUT of the garden, which TECHNICALLY means we been DRIVEN CRAZY or OUT of OUR MINDS or PSYCHOLOGICAL GARDEN. The woman who is ONE with the SERPENT still belongs to the man, but HE can’t get her back because HE doesn’t KNOW WHO he is, NEITHER one of them have the ABILITY to recognize LIFE so, the WOMAN will still chase the ILLUSIONS she gave HERSELF to them, and the MAN is still distracted by WHATEVER was given for him to be distracted by. And guess who’s going to the bank on the WHOLE thing on ALL levels? I said to y’all the other day that, the garden is STILL happening, the reason for that is because we DIED in that STATE, so we get to REPEAT it until we BEAT it. This whole time we have been talking about sex and sexuality in marriage has ALL been about LEARNING what Adom should have been doing to KEEP the woman he worked so hard for. LIFE, LOVE, SEX, and SEXUALITY are all gifts that we have been redeemed to as a people, but of course lucifer and his children ain’t tryna hear that shit, YOU and YOUR energy is WAAAY too valuable to their survival. This is why we have to FORCE ACCOUNTABILITY and MATURITY, we have to grow past Adom being ABSENT to his responsibilities and Hawah thinking she gon save HERSELF. All of the distractions that are in place are ONLY there to steal your LIFE, LOVE and PARADISE. This is the ONLY way we will see STRENGTH YSRAYL, we HAVE to bring ORDER and LOVE BACK to our marriages. As we can see THIS is the BEGINNING of LIFE, The Most High MAKES this VERY CLEAR, and as y’all can see from looking around you, THERE IS NO LIFE. We can continue to play the role of IGNORANCE and CONFUSION, but THIS is REALLY happening and it ALWAYS HAS BEEN, and if YOU didn’t know, NOW you do. Those who have the MIND to understand these writings, certain truths have been OPENED to you for a certain reason and we ALL are accountable to truth. Brothas I urge you to CHALLENGE YOURSELF to the level of MANHOOD that causes UNCOMFORT and UNREST, but creates STRENGTH and PEACE. We were CREATED with a DESIGN of MANHOOD and this is the ONLY way WE will receive LIFE. Sisters I urge you to CHALLENGE YOURSELF to a level of BEAUTY and PURITY that can ONLY come through UNDERSTANDING YOURSELF and  the BEAUTY were CREATED in, NOT the ILLUSION of beauty that the WORLD is selling you. The type of BEAUTY that REMINDS Adom the PRICE he paid was an INVESTMENT on Y’alls PARADISE and that HIS REST, PLEASURE and NOURISHMENT can ONLY be FOUND with YOU. Every SINGLE one of y’all reading this CAN BUILD your very own PARADISE, you have ALL the tools, you just needed to be reminded WHAT they were CREATED for…

Tomorrow we continue our course



Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we left off talking about the fact that Adom had NOT properly built his woman, which is what ULTIMATELY lead to their DEMISE.

Again when we look at this story from the understanding that the GENTILE mind paints for us, we can gravitate towards hatred of the woman. Now don’t get me wrong AT ALL, the WOMAN was foul, PERIOD. She KNEW better than THAT SHIT, FUCK THAT. But we HAVE TO ALWAYS REMEMBER that they were ONE FLESH, so what that means IS, ULTIMATELY we can lead ALL this bullshit RITE BACK to the MAN to some degree. WE have to keep in mind that Hawah regardless of WHAT she was PRESENTED to the world as, she was still ONLY EXACTLY what Adom put in her, and we can see now that that work was DEFINITELY left undone. So looking at the GENTILE mind that SEPARATES the man and woman into TWO separate FORCES, ultimately RELIEVING SOME of the pressure from the ACCOUNTABILITY of the MAN. Which IS NOT the way The Most High seen it. If The Most High would have seen it that way he would have just probably have punished Hawah and made Adom another woman because TECHNICALLY she was the one who BROKE the LAW first. And OBVIOUSLY because of her NOW being one with the SERPENT we can see that THIS was the INTENDED goal, use the WOMAN to KILL MANKIND and the UNDERSTANDING of PARADISE.

Now what I want to touch on rite here is the fact that this is the WOMAN of his dreams and was CREATED PERFECT for him in ALL understanding of the word, and her ONLY reason for being created was to bring INCREASE, BEAUTY, AND PARADISE to the man, correct? But she was the one that ULTIMATELY brought DEATH and DESTRUCTION to the MAN and the PARADISE that he built. Very interesting paradox wouldn’t you say? I mean even though this woman was created to bring this man ALL the PLEASURE and beauty he could EVER need, she BROUGHT him DEATH and DESTRUCTION. What I would like to touch on now is the IDENTITY or the MIND built OUTSIDE the IDENTITY or the mind that was given to the woman that HER GENETICS belonged to. What do I mean? See fact of the matter is THE WOMAN was targeted for a CERTAIN reason, and OBVIOUSLY the OBJECTIVE was the MAN. See brothas this is the PICTURE of the WORLD and RELIGION that WE GIVE OUR WOMEN to, either through IGNORANCE or just flat out LAZINESS. As I said YESTERDAY the woman represents a GARDEN, and one thing about GARDENS that I know is, NO MATTER HOW MUCH SHIT THEY TALK ABOUT BEING THE ONE RESPONSIBLE FOR TILLING ON THEIR OWN, THEY REALLY CAN NEVER BE ANYTHING OTHER THAN THE GARDEN. What do I mean by saying this?

Do y’all remember me saying that because the woman was taken by the serpent that now the WOMAN has that IDENTITY hardwired into their PSYCHOLOGICAL GENETICS? Meaning that because the woman gave HERSELF to the SERPENT or gave herself to ANOTHER image, it’s HARDWIRED into their PSYCHOLOGICAL GENETICS that there can be a LIFE outside of the MAN. So in the garden picture we have an OBVIOUS LACK on the part of the man, JUST LIKE WE SEE TODAY, then we have the SERPENT show up with a SOLUTION for that LACK, and she bought it. So what we see is a picture of TODAY that started in the GARDEN. Remember me saying that ONCE they ate of the tree that their EYES WERE OPEN TO THE POSSIBILITY of sin? Well once the woman’s eyes were OPENED to the POSSIBILITY that she could LIVE INDEPENDENTLY from the man, she REALLY didn’t need him ANYMORE, or so HER NEW IDENTITY allowed her to think. See another issue with ALLOWING gentiles and serpents to teach you is, they have y’all thinking that Adom and Hawah were all innocent and gullible, which is VERY convenient when you want someone to EXCUSE ACCOUNTABILITY. AFTER Hawah gave herself to the SERPENT, WHO THE FUCK DID SHE BELONG TO? We could say the man, but BULLSHIT that woman was FULL of the devil at that point. Not only did she open her mind to the serpent but she opened her body to him, SHE WAS HIM. So when Adom THOUGHT it was his woman bringing him fruit, ULTIMATELY it was WHO bringing him fruit.

See Brothas we HAVE to understand ILLUSIONS and DECEPTIONS that have BEEN in place so long that we don’t UNDERSTAND ANYTHING ELSE. Brothas your woman IS YOU, so if SHE is had by the serpent, YOU in the bag too. THIS is why I ALWAYS tell GOOD men that are looking for a WIFE, to ALWAYS look for traits of SUBMISSION and understanding of ORDER. The bottomline is this, if YOU can’t teach her the IMPORTANCE of SUBMISSION and recognizing ORDER, SHE WILL KILL YO ASS, it’s just a matter of time. Brothas this is why we HAVE to do what is necessary to CHALLENGE OURSELVES to GROWTH, as opposed to the CONVENIENCE that IMMATURITY provides. Why am I saying that? Well it’s simple, when you challenge YOURSELF to GROWTH and MATURITY you hold YOURSELF to a level of ACCOUNTABILITY that forms an IDENTITY that witnesses to your genetics. Adom DID NOT hold himself to a certain STANDARD which ALLOWED for him to make some VERY poor decisions concerning the STRUCTURE he was CREATED to have DOMINION OVER, and ULTIMATELY lost it ALL. See when YOU understand who YOU are COMPLETELY, YOU don’t make decision that fit OTHER people’s genetics and UNDERSTANDING of LIFE, you make decisions that BENEFIT YOUR GARDEN. And the catch to that is, NOT all those decisions are COMFORTABLE and easy to make. Like I said before, we don’t know what Adom was distracted by, but it HAD to be HUGE.

Still today we see the MIND of the serpent teaching us HOW to live JUST like him and HIS kind live, correct? But what YOU don’t see is PARADISE or even LIFE, do you? Just a bunch of people HOPING shit work out ENOUGH so that it DOESN’T fuck up their ILLUSION of peace and safety. Part of the CURSE that MANKIND is under is that “WOMEN SHALL RULE OVER YOU”, so when you see ALL these women that are COMPLETELY out of control and can’t NOBODY tell them shit because they a force of their OWN. Not only is this the MIND of the SERPENT in it’s FULL GLORY, but it’s ALSO a VERY clear picture of JUST WHO has the MIND of the woman if she is NOW ruling over you. WHO’s Goal was that in the BEGINNING. THIS brothas, is why YOU can’t put SEEDS of YOURSELF into ANYONE, you need to be COMPLETELY sure WHO has that woman’s MIND, and JUST what has been planted in her garden, because ONCE YOU buy it it’s YOUR garden.

My baby IS me, we have the SAME genetics, BUT what makes her COMPLETELY me is my ability to teach her AND her ability to receive that teaching and apply it. One thing that I want brothas to understand as well, even though y’all ALREADY know. There are JUST as many women that descend from that LINEAGE of the serpent as there are MEN, and just like we looked at some the traits of the serpent that show up in men to HELP accomplish the plan of the serpent, WE HAVE to look at the TRAITS that show up in the WOMAN that HELP accomplish the plan of the serpent. But the problem that we MEN have in doing this is, WE don’t know what’s of the SERPENT and what’s just DAMAGE because we been INEFFECTIVE for so long. THIS is why it’s important to FORCE YOURSELF into GROWTH and MATURITY in ALL areas, ONLY them will we be ABLE to HEAL our women. ONLY then will we be able to see WHAT is the MIND of the SERPENT and WHAT is their VALID case against us and our LACK of MANHOOD. Often times we brothas FORGET that the WOMAN WAS NEGLECTED, this is what ALLOWED for the serpent to come in and STEAL the work that the MAN put into her. So we HAVE to say that ALTHOUGH GUILTY, the WOMAN is NO MORE guilty than the MAN was, she was a garden left UNKEPT.

I said a little bit ago that a sign of MATURITY is when YOU make decisions that benefit YOU, YOUR LIFE, YOUR GARDEN and YOUR GENETICS, as opposed to making decisions about YOUR LIFE based on the requirements and understandings in the GENETICS of others. Well ONE way of doing that brothas IS to embrace the IDENTITY that is WRITTEN in your GENETICS that call for a STANDARD of MANHOOD that this world HAS NOT seen in a VERY LONG TIME. The Standard of MANHOOD that CALLS YOU on your OWN BULLSHIT and forces YOU BACK INTO THE UNDERSTANDING OF YOUR OWN GARDEN AND YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO IT. See Adom blamed his woman for his fall from the IMAGE HE WAS CREATED in, but what MANY fail to realize is BECAUSE OF THAT fall is why he BLAMED the WOMAN for his DISPLAY OF MANHOOD. This man is talking TO THE MOST HIGH, CREATOR of ALL and he DOES NOT RECOGNIZE THAT THE MOST HIGH IS TALKING TO HIM BECAUSE HE IS THE ONE THAT BEARS HIS IMAGE. This is the situation we have today, the MAN blaming the woman for his LACK of being able the RECOGNIZE WHO HE IS…

Tomorrow we continue our course



Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we left off talking about the fact that Adom finally got the woman of his dreams but he ULTIMATELY lost her AND HIS PARADISE to another man or the SERPENT.

Yesterday I said to y’all that it seemed a little too easy how the serpent was able to pull up on Hawah, ESPECIALLY when she was HANDCRAFTED for ADOM. One would think that you can get no more commited then coming straight OUT a man’s FLESH correct? Well yesterday I said that I believe that there was some SERIOUS lack on the part of the man concerning his woman. What do I mean? Adom HAD NOT properly established HIMSELF inside his woman… He was commanded to till the GARDEN and PROTECT IT, and as we established already, the garden is MULTI-DIMENSIONAL, correct? So do you think that the need for work STOPPED when the woman was REALIZED? See the bottomline is this, your garden represents what SEEDS you plant and the seeds that YOU allowed to be planted, so when a man takes a woman he HAS to realize that there are SEEDS planted in that ground that DO NOT represent OR benefit HIM, regardless of HOW cold YOU think she is. So what that means is, BRUH you got WORK to do if that’s REALLY your woman. Like I said yesterday we think that GETTING the woman was the accomplishment, NO, getting the woman was the REWARD for the work you put in to HAVE a woman, that DOES NOT take away the WORK to KEEP her.

Because your SEED represents YOU, the ONLY thing you should be able to see when you see your woman and you look into her depths is YOU, because YOU have put in the WORK into her garden to COMPLETELY establish it as YOUR PARADISE. See Adom put the work in to REALIZE the woman, but he OBVIOUSLY DID NOT put the work into the garden of her DEPTHS. EVEN though she was his flesh in ALL aspects of the word, she was STILL a garden that was NOT well kept. As I said before, we don’t know what the hell was going on with Adom, but we know that SHE shouldn’t even been talking to that nigga to begin with on her own REGARDLESS of how cool he MAY have been with her Husband. That’s the FIRST piece of evidence that SHE was NOT taught PROPERLY, SECOND, she was taken by the serpent then she came back and gave her HUSBAND some shit SHE got from the serpent. What does that tell us? Well the way I see it is, if my woman bring me some shit that came from ANOTHER man, I BEEN FUCKIN UP FOR A VERY LONG TIME, PERIOD. And at that point MOST of us would be PISSED at the woman, and you SHOULD be, but WHO’S woman is she and WHO was she given to. See usually we NEVER get to that point of ACCOUNTABILITY and obviously Adom didn’t either because when QUESTIONED he blamed ALL that shit RITE back on the woman.

When she talked to the serpent she OBVIOUSLY had some understanding that SHE wasn’t SUPPOSED to be eating from the tree because SHE told him that. But he was able to CONVINCE her to give HERSELF and HER understanding to HIM regardless of what she KNEW to be true. Brothas let me help you understand something, this is a picture that I think we ALL need to look at a LITTLE more closely. Adom put ALL this work in for this woman and while he was SOMEWHERE else she is being ENTERTAINED by another man. So we have a PICTURE that I’m sure EVERY man reading this rite now is feeling some type of way about, because this MAN put ALL this WORK in for this woman and she off talking to the NEXT nigga about how things should look inside HER depths… Well brothas we can feel some type of way but ONE thing that you NEVER want to forget brothas is, YOUR woman will NEVER really know HOW much work YOU put in for her UNLESS that work makes it to her DEPTHS. What do I mean? The work that Adom put in BEFORE she got there DON’T really count for SHIT as it relates to work that will ACTUALLY benefit the WOMAN, that work was between HIM and The Most High. So we have somewhat of the understanding that, the work put in to actually BUILD PARADISE(tilling the ground), has VERY little to do with KEEPING or PROTECTING PARADISE. I think we brothas OFTEN get this area CONFUSED.

See I can’t look at my baby like she’s lacking something for not COMPLETELY understanding what it took to BUILD a PARADISE for her to live and operate in, I have to understand that I wanted HER so that was MY burden to bear. Many of us brothas think the work is FINISHED because we have provided the PHYSICAL aspects to create a paradise, but NOT understanding that NOW she needs a PARADISE on the INSIDE of her if she it to CONNECT with the PARADISE YOU created for her on the PHYSICAL level. It cost to be the boss brothas, seriously… We like to think that the women is a self regenerating system of their own because they USUALLY talk ENOUGH shit to be, but it’s just NOT true. This is why it’s so beautiful when you see a PARADISE built PROPERLY by a man AND his woman, it’s the REALIZATION of their EFFORT and UNDERSTANDING together, but what’s the TRULY amazing thing is THEY DID IT TOGETHER. So brothas we see that Hawah is YOU, but UNTIL YOU plant YOURSELF into the garden of her depths, she is only YOU because YOU put the WORK in for her, but that means NOTHING if ANOTHER man comes to STEAL that WORK.

So let’s talk about the GARDEN of HER DEPTHS and what EXACTLY it is. Well the garden of her depths would be the garden of her mind, but that’s not the COMPLETE picture. What do I mean? My planting MYSELF in the garden of my baby’s soul does what? It turns her into MYSELF or the feminine VERSION of MYSELF, correct? So ULTIMATELY I’m doing EXACTLY what The Most High did when he created ADOM, correct, meaning I AM CREATING MY OWN IMAGE. And obviously THAT IMAGE is gonna look like WHO ULTIMATELY because of WHO’S IMAGE I was created in? So when I am putting the WORK in to RECREATE MYSELF I am completing WHO’S ULTIMATE plan for MULTIPLYING and REPLENISHING the earth? So because I have put the WORK into my baby, when she open her mouth to respond to the SERPENT, who do you think is gon come out that mfka, RITE ON HIS GODDAMN ASS. But see brothas THIS only comes with there being WORK put into her depths. Remember me saying that Adom was given a blank canvas with Hawah, so WHATEVER he put INTO her is what is there, and what WAS NOT put into her JUST WAS NOT THERE. THIS is why I can say that there is NO WAY in HELL Adom was on point like he should have been with his woman and probably in more areas than that, but that’s a DIFFERENT discussion.

Now we understand that the garden of the woman’s DEPTHS is the garden of her mind, but how does one ACCESS this garden and plant SEEDS of HIMSELF there. Well since this particular garden is in the MIND/SOUL, what are the ways you ACCESS your woman’s SOUL? EVERYTHING YOU DO CONCERNING YOUR WOMAN accesses her SOUL, but what we want is to INTENTIONALLY access it with the INTENTION of planting our SEEDS, correct? Well brothas during SEXUAL AROUSE is when your woman’s DEPTHS are the MOST OPEN. What do I mean? Do y’all remember me saying a while back that when a woman is SEXUALLY AROUSE she is looking to RECEIVE something on ALL levels? Well that’s the WAY she is designed, VERY beautiful design and you can see CLEAR as day the WAY he Most High INTENDED for LIFE to flow THROUGH, JUST on that DESIGN ALONE. Anyway, the woman when she is SEXUALLY excited is when she is fertile for SEEDS of YOURSELF to planted within her depths. But course she shouldn’t ALWAYS have to be sexually excited to receive from you correct? Well this is why sexual openness and expression is SOOO IMPORTANT in marriage, it is what ALLOWS for the FREE FLOW of ENERGY of course, but it keeps EVERYBODY FERTILE and OPEN to receive. Many brothas don’t take the time to realize this because we usually settle for some quick sex as OPPOSED to taking OUR TIME and MANIPULATING the ENERGY that we have. I believe that Adom was lacking in this area for one reason or another, the DEPTHS of his woman had NOT been properly tended to, which is what ALLOWED for SEEDS of ANOTHER IMAGE to be planted in his garden which ULTIMATELY cost him his LIFE and HIS woman’s LIFE…

Tomorrow we continue our course


Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. As we are talking about sex and sexuality one VERY important thing that I want y’all to remember is that YOU have to begin to look at sex and sexuality AS LIFE, as opposed to JUST sex.

The reason why it’s important to view sex as LIFE, is pretty much the same reason you don’t view BIRTH as DEATH. Remember I said yesterday that if I control your ability to connect with REALITY, or if I’m the one painting the PICTURE of LIFE that YOU are following then I am the ONE controlling your LIFE, PERIOD. Regardless of WHATEVER you THINK YOU doing, it was ALREADY thought out for YOU. Same way with SEX or shall we say LIFE. We talked about the WAY The Most High seen MANKIND after they fell when he placed coats of dead animals on his IMAGE. But what I want y’all to begin to think about is, BECAUSE of sacrifice that the MESSIYAH made to redeem us BACK to The Most High as a people, WHAT happened to the WAY The Most High sees those that ACCEPT and LIVE according to the sacrifice made? As I said to you before, sexuality is something that The Most High obviously intended for us to gain LIFE THROUGH, and the fact that it CAN NOT be turned OFF makes it a SELF REGENERATING system that FUNCTIONS pretty much on it’s own, correct? So it’s safe to say that because it needs no REAL effort to operate on your part that, YOU better have FULL control over it AND understanding of it if it’s got your IDENTITY wrapped up in it as a man or a woman, AND the creation of The Most High, correct?

Well what about the aspects of your being that have NOTHING to do with your sexuality, how do you think those should be viewed? Well the truth is THERE IS NO SUCH THING. EVERYTHING about YOU has EVERYTHING to do with your IDENTITY and sexuality. What do I mean? Well we have been programmed to see SEXUALITY as just concerning the ACT of SEX, but your SEXUALITY is YOU. What do I man by that? There was a reason the WOMAN was targeted by the serpent, it was to control SEXUALITY and the perception of it and distort the IMAGE of The Most High, OR distort the UNDERSTANDING of the IMAGE of The Most High, what do I mean. When man fell or DIED, the MIND is what DIED. The mind is what gives us the ability to recognize ourselves as WHAT and WHO we are as it relates to our ENVIRONMENT and our responsibility to it. So what you see with that is, when the serpent took the woman and TOOK the perception of the IMAGE they were created in from them, what he did ULTIMATELY was took them OUT of being able to CONNECT with REALITY as it relates to the REALITY THEY WERE CREATED IN. What do I mean by that? Well if you were created to bring LIFE and LOVE to reality THROUGH understanding YOURSELF as the IMAGE of The Most High, if we take away that IMAGE, now you have NOTHING witnessing to your faculties of the PROPER way to VIEW and ENERGIZE certain aspects of your being. So technically in these areas we are just being used as HOSTS for SOMEONE else’s plans.

See when you understand the IMAGE and how it relates to YOU as a being, YOU understand that your NUMBER ONE PRIORITY in retaining that IMAGE IS your SEXUALITY. Why do I say that? There was a MAN created and there was a WOMAN created. There were no SLAVES, there were no BITCHES, there were no WHORES. So when we LOOK at just that piece ALONE we can see that OUR BEHAVIOR is CONNECTED to THE IMAGE that we have ACCEPTED, and it has VERY LITTLE to do with our ACTUAL genetic MAKE UP. See once YOU don’t have the PROPER IMAGE to draw from, the IMAGE YOU were created in, you become WHATEVER the person that stole that image from you needs you to be.(by whom a man is overcome, by the same is he brought into bondage) Now look around YOU, you think everybody just ENDED up KILLING themselves or did they have a little help? See me recognizing MYSELF as a MAN that belongs TO AN IMAGE, NOW there is NO room for deception or confusion on what my role and responsibility is to those that belong to me. Many may think what does this ACTUALLY have to do have the act of sex. Let me explain.

As a MAN in ALL my display, what do I ENERGIZE in my woman? ALL of her FEMININE FACULTIES correct? Well by the way a man handles his woman SEXUALLY is what gives her IDENTITY, ACCEPTANCE, PURPOSE and STRENGTH etc. Why do I say that? What I want brothas to understand is YOU have to BUILD your woman’s IDENTITY in you as y’all build an IDENTITY together. What do I mean? Brothas the way you handle your woman and pay attention to detail concerning her being is what SHE draws and understanding from on the VALUE of HERSELF that YOU place on her. Bottomline is, you handle things a certain way when they have VALUE. With women of good stock and understanding her sexuality is something that is NOT on display, or freely given, why do you think that is? Well first they understand the VALUE of it, meaning they understand that REGARDLESS of what EVERYBODY else is doing, this aspect of their being has their WHOLE IDENTITY wrapped up in it. When a woman sees HER Husband put EXTREME AMOUNTS of value into HER sexual HEALTH, PLEASURE, IDENTITY etc, what beings to happen to her perception of HERSELF? Brothas this is why tailoring ALL your responses to your woman is so IMPORTANT, you don’t realize the POWER you have to shape that woman’s DEPTHS just from understanding her design PROPERLY and tailoring energy to INCREASE it.

What do I mean by shape her depths? Well because you are ministering to the most intimate parts of her being, the way and care shown is giving HER understanding that SHE had better join the bandwagon in ENJOYING HERSELF. Believe it or not brothas THIS is a HUGE one. Your care and handling, ALONG with outward expression ENERGIZES your woman in the understand that SHE is the force that YOUR being witnesses to, so she wants to be a STRONGER Force for you. Ultimately brothas you want your woman to feel and see the fruit of her labor as well so they can produce MORE for YOU. But the beauty of this is, it bears FRUIT in ALL aspects of y’all LIFE. What do I mean? We know by now that the woman was created to bring INCREASE, so when YOU sow the LOVE, CARE, PASSION, UNDERSTANDING, etc in ALL your dealings with her, but ESPECIALLY when she has opened her depths to you, what you think your return is gonna look like? And it’s not just gonna show up in the sex, it’s gonna be what SHE HAS BECOME. What do I mean? THIS IS YOUR WOMAN’S TRUE IDENTITY AS YOUR WOMAN.

Brothas when you put REAL ENERGY into your woman, or for your woman just like in the garden picture, YOU are creating YOUR paradise CORRECT? Well brothas we all know that PARADISE for us ain’t really shit if THE WOMAN DOES NOT HAVE PARADISE within her DEPTHS, correct? Meaning, no matter HOW beautiful the ENVIRONMENT is, if she IS NOT BUILT to MINISTER PARADISE to YOU, YOU may as well burn the rest of that shit down, because it contributes NOTHING to the REALITY of PARADISE at that point. So we can say brothas that PARADISE has to be BUILT in the depths of your woman in order for HER to be able to make it a reality for YOU. See we look at the fact that Adom FINALLY got the woman of his dreams as the ACCOMPLISHMENT, correct? But he LOST her?.. Hmmm…smh. So what that tells us is, the brotha was SLIPPIN hard, just like some of us brothas are known to do from time to time. See we could say that Adom may have gotten a little RELAXED in some RESPONSIBILITY to his woman after he FINALLY gotten her if she was taken by another man, correct? Do you think that maybe she talking to ANOTHER man had something to do with LACK on his part as the MAN? We understand that there were OTHER races of people here before they were created, so maybe he was distracted by all the ass scattered around, we don’t KNOW. But what we do know is, it seemed a little EASY for HAWAH to be deceived by the serpent don’t you think? I mean HOW does ANOTHER man come and tell HIS woman something that is COMPLETELY CONTRARY to not ONLY what HE said, but she KNOWS it’s coming from The Most High. I believe that this is EVIDENCE that Adom had NOT built HAWAH properly, AND he was slippin as the MAN HARD.

He was given the responsibility of PROTECTING the garden, correct? Well we understand by now that the GARDEN is MULTI-DIMENSIONAL, so there was a garden within his WOMAN that HAD NOT BEEN PROPERLY KEPT. This is why it was SOOO easy for HAWAH to accept ANOTHER IDENTITY from a DIFFERENT IMAGE then the ONE SHE was created FOR and FROM. The MAN had NOT properly established the IMAGE into her depths to the point that she would have RECOGNIZED the serpent as the SERPENT soon as he OFFERED her something OUTSIDE of the IMAGE she belonged to. So we see that in their INTIMATE time and dealings with one another is what determined the DISPLAY of WOMANHOOD and commitment to NOT only HERSELF but to her Husband AND The Most High. So we get the understanding that the TWO BECOMING one FLESH is a PROCESS that needs energy CONTINUALLY applied to it in truth. ONLY then brothas will your woman become THE PERFECT IMAGE of you and THAT ONLY produces for you…


Tomorrow we continue our course


Good Morning Ysrayl…

It trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we left off talking about where the INFORMATION came from of being naked and the intention behind that information being ONLY for DEATH and CONTROL of MANKIND.

Today what I would like to touch on is PRIVACY in marriage. One thing we have to understand is as the people of The Most High is, We ALL have a PERSONAL DESIGN that we HAVE to understand IS one of the MAJOR CONTRIBUTING factors in the realization of PARADISE. What do I mean? We HAVE to remember that we where taught how to be SLAVES and because we were taught to be slaves, we were NEVER taught HOW to properly factor in PERSONAL DESIGN to ANYTHING. See things like RELIGION and the WORLD give YOU laws and BLUEPRINTS on HOW your LIFE should be lived, so what we UNCONSCIOUSLY do is try to MIMIC the IMAGE that is being presented to us because that’s the ONLY BLUEPRINT that BENEFITS the SLAVE MASTERS and WE don’t necessarily see it that way all the time. So we are taught by the GENTILE MIND to see ourselves as individuals with SEPARATE needs for ENERGY in order to maintain HEALTH.

One thing that I want y’all to understand is, there is a DIFFERENCE between PRIVACY and DISCRETION. Privacy in a marriage will ALWAYS equal CERTAIN DEATH. Why do I say that? PRIVACY constitutes CONCEALMENT and USUALLY that concealment is of something that WOULD cause damage to the ALREADY ESTABLISHED structure and IMAGE. The catch to that is, WHATEVER is being held in PRIVATE DOES NOT necessarily equate to SINISTER. What do I mean? Some people are just VERY private people, and if that’s their DESIGN then THAT has to be recognized and taken into consideration when BUILDING PARADISE. But what’s most important for private people to understand is, NOT everyone is DESIGNED to receive LIFE that way. So what has to be UNDERSTOOD before solving an issue like privacy in a ONE FLESH design is, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS PRIVACY. What would be more profitable is, UNDERSTANDING just what is calling for the CONCEALMENT. If there is an ESTABLISHED marriage and privacy is something that enters the scene some time into the marriage, but WAS NOT an issue in the beginning, we would have to look at what is CAUSING the need for PRIVACY.

One thing I want women to remember about men is, WE WERE CREATED ALONE so we were designed to be able to function alone. The problem with that is, IT’S NOT GOOD FOR MAN TO BE ALONE. The Most High created him ALONE, but then turns around and says it’s NOT good for him to be ALONE. SO we get the understanding that ALONE was NOT the intended GOAL, BUT something HAD to be GAINED by that LONELINESS. When a man DESIRES a WIFE, not just a WOMAN, basically his being has REALIZED that he is ALONE and it’s NOT GOOD, or it’s NOT INCREASING him. So when a marriage is ALREADY established an the man needs privacy, SOMETHING about the design of that MARRIAGE is giving his being the UNDERSTANDING that LIFE and survival is better sought in PRIVATE or CONCEALMENT. Now of course MOST would think that PRIVACY or concealment EQUATES to evil in the understanding that one MUST be up to something that their spouse DOES NOT approve of, but that just comes down to the character of the individual. Often times men that have A LOT of demands on their ENERGY, WORK, WIFE, KIDS, BILLS, ETC and can begin to see PARADISE as having a DUAL IDENTITY. What do I mean? Well he has the PARADISE that he built for HIS WIFE and CHILDREN, then he has the PARADISE built for JUST HIM. The reason for this again, DOES NOT necessarily mean EVIL, what it means is the STRUCTURE of the PARADISE in his MIND has to be REBUILT. What do I mean by REBUILT?

Remember Adom had to WORK for his woman, we DON’T know from scripture exactly how long that was but we understand that there HAD to be LONGING. Why do you think LONGING was important? Well longing for something that is VITAL to your LIFE and PLEASURE bring VALUE. So once Adom actually GOT the woman what do you think her VALUE was to HIM as a person and to their PARADISE? So we get the structure in marriage that ALONE is NOT GOOD, but what about when PARADISE is perceived as THE GARDEN(work) when the WOMAN was created to help make THE GARDEN PARADISE? Well this is when ENERGY has to be APPLIED to the GARDEN of he mind. What you see in the garden picture is WORK and the WOMAN as SEPARATE. What do I mean? Adom tilled the ground BEFORE his woman came, but AFTER she was realized we can say THAT she was his HARVEST or REWARD for the WORK that he put in, correct? Well the harvest was the INCREASE and if MANIPULATED PROPERLY that harvest is to bring MORE increase, correct? But if the HARVEST is NOT looked upon PROPERLY, it just looks like MORE work.

So what HAS to be UNDERSTOOD is that SOMETHING CHANGED the perception of the HARVEST in the way the it’s IMPORTANCE is STILL number one PRIORITY, but it has ALSO become work, which is something that the HARVEST should NEVER be looked upon in that light. Why is that so IMPORTANT? Remember man was designed to SEE the FRUIT of his labor, so if some work has been put in and the DESIRED results, or the RESULTS that bring LIFE are not seen, the NEED for a SECOND PARADISE becomes a reality.

What should happen in a situation like this is, Adom has to structure his garden in a way that BENEFITS ALL that are there. As I said yesterday, I see my baby as my LIFE so my ENERGY IS HER ENERGY. But what that means is I HAVE TO structure OUR LIFE in a way the SHE retains the IMAGE, and NOT become just WORK because MY PERCEPTION changed. What do I mean? The woman was created to draw ENERGY from the man, correct? But what A LOT of women have to realize is, WORK, KIDS, RESPONSIBILITY, BILLS ETC all are pulling ENERGY from that VERY SAME SOURCE. So what would be vital to the PARADISE is the IMAGE and the roll that the WOMAN plays. We men are DESIGNED to be REWARDED by our woman OR see the WOMAN as the REWARD for our labor, so the woman HAS to reintroduce herself AS THE REWARD in order for there to be ENERGY on the part of the man to GIVE to REALIZE THEIR PARADISE as a whole. This is why I recommend people to work ON themselves BEFORE looking to their spouse. Why do I say that. Y’all are ONE FLESH, NOTHING IS STRONGER THAN THAT, once people LOOK at the DESIGN of their SPOUSE as opposed to their OWN design and NEEDS you will see CLEAR as day the direction YOU need to go and make ADJUSTMENTS within YOURSELF to GIVE HIM the energy he needs to REALIZE that there CAN ONLY be ONE paradise.

Now as far as DISCRETION is concerned. This is ALL up to the design of the INDIVIDUALS in the marriage, what do I mean? Well discretion is something that has VERY little to do with PRIVACY in the understanding of CONCEALMENT. Discretion is something that comes from a place of MATURITY and UNDERSTANDING. Let me explain. Discretion is something that CAN BE used to benefit the MARRIAGE as whole in the understanding that, SOME things JUST don’t need to be OUT IN THE OPEN. Discretion is NOT concealment, it’s PROTECTION if used PROPERLY. Example, if I have discretion with my baby there is NOTHING secret or kept from her because it’s ALL for her and we are ONE flesh, but AS A MAN there are certain things I JUST DON’T NEED OR WANT HER WORRIED ABOUT. This is NOT about privacy, SHE can have ANY information she wants, but SOMETIMES what we want IS NOT profitable for us. This is when MATURITY and KNOWING your spouse is so important. My baby KNOW she the Queen and she ain’t got shit to worry about in that understanding, but that’s because I DON’T GIVE HER REASON TO FEEL THREATEN, EVERYTHING is opened to her. So she understands that MY NUMBER ONE objective is HER protection, she let me handle MY BUSINESS as a man because she understands THAT’S what’s NECESSARY for PARADISE to STAY intact. But again, discretion WOULD never involve ANY OTHER woman OR ANYTHING that would be a THREAT to her in ANY way.

We have to remember we have had OUR understanding ON EVERYTHING BUILT for us, AND ALMOST none of it is beneficial to us because it WAS NOT given to us for the purpose OF LIFE, just control and slavery. When you CONTROL ALL aspects of someones way to connect with REALITY and LIFE, you PRETTY much determine the COURSE of that LIFE, no matter HOW MUCH fun and control the PERSON thinks they HAVE OVER THEIR LIFE. This is why we HAVE to GET the world AND RELIGION along with it’s understands OUT of our marriages, IT DOES NOT FIT YOU. You were created with a design and your garden will ONLY be PARADISE if that DESIGN and The IMAGE YOU were created in is what YOU give all your energy to. If women feel like they have a RITE to this or that as opposed to first UNDERSTANDING WHY, you are just being MOTIVATED BY an understanding that was PROGRAMMED for YOU. You’d be surprised at HOW many woman are OFFENDED by things that ARE NOT real problems in the understanding that they STEAL LIFE, but the problem ONLY exists because SOMEONE ELSE TOLD YOU it should be a problem because YOU are a force that HAS to be RESPECTED outside of your IDENTITY as HIS WOMAN.

Now let’s talk a little about SPACE in marriage. Space is one of those things that I ONLY recommend for more advanced couples that are HEALTHY in there marriage. The reason why space is beneficial in marriage is because it gives time for LONGING and REINTRODUCTION. What do I mean by REINTRODUCTION? Well we ALL know the WAY something is PRESENTED has A LOT to do with the VALUE put on it and the WAY it’s perceived. Hawah was INTRODUCED as the REALIZATION of his dreams, if we take a minute just to think about that we get the UNDERSTANDING that, there HAD to be an EXPLOSION of emotions when he FINALLY had her, correct? Well SPACE when manipulated PROPERLY allows for REINTRODUCTION in a BETTER light EVERY SINGLE time. See this is WHY we have to see MARRIAGE as WORK that HAS a reward. In your ALONE space or time you have the ability to address certain PERSONAL needs that are EXCLUSIVE to your DESIGN to RECHARGE you for YOUR SPOUSE. Let me explain. If a man has been married for sometime he WILL feel the NEED to CONNECT with MASCULINE ENERGY on some level or other, just like woman are designed to connect and recharge from feminine energy. So this gives you the understanding that those NEEDS for ENERGY that the SPOUSE may NOT be able to provide, is STILL beneficial to the marriage, BUT NOT MORE IMPORTANT than the MARRIAGE. Ladies men need space just like you do, it does mean space IN THE MARRIAGE, it means space to build that LONGING that we had in the garden. But the catch to that is, after the LONGING what exactly is the REINTRODUCTION of his woman? If it’s “why you always wit them bum ass niggas”, where YOU THINK he gon be TOMORROW? But if he returns to HAWAH, I can tell you EXACTLY where his black ass gon be TOMORROW. This is why it’s so important to look at the problems in marriage as an opportunity of GROWTH as an individual and as ONE FLESH. See when you look at YOURSELF and challenge YOURSELF to be the BEST YOU can BE for YOUR spouse, YOU become HAWAH and NO man in his rite goddamn mind wants to be away from his HAWAH…

Tomorrow we continue our course


Good morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we began to talk about LOVE and how it manifests itself through sex in marriage.

One thing that MANY of us may ALREADY KNOW is, LOVE is stronger than ANY evil could EVER imagine to be. Evil was ONLY manifested in mankind through DECEPTION and confusion. So what that means is it’s NOT natural to our make up AT ALL. Matter of fact it’s so UNNATURAL to OUR genetics and make up, WE become ill on all level if we make it a part of our being in ANY way. So OBVIOUSLY seeing YOURSELF as EVIL in any way, would bring SICKNESS to your entire being. Now when I say sickness what exactly do I mean? Sickness LITERALLY just means a state of being ILL, ILLNESS itself in its base understanding is a disease that EFFECTS the body AND mind. One of the reasons I keep force feeding y’all the understanding that we are multi-dimensional beings is because YOU have to see your WHOLE self as YOU and not just certain aspects that you don’t mind dealing with as you. Why do I say that? Well, if you ONLY recognize certain aspects of your being that need attention, but you are completely UNAWARE of ALL the other aspects of your being, HOW can you keep them HEALTHY enough to produce your INTENDED results as opposed to hoping you can make it by on what you got control and understanding of. What’s EXTREMELY important to my woman is my AWARENESS of my ENTIRE being and what it NEEDS to maintain OPTIMUM health. Why is that? A couple reasons, ONE, if I’m not AWARE of certain aspects of MY OWN being and what role they play in my OVERALL health, HOW would I be able to spot a lack of ENERGY in my baby and APPLY energy in the NECESSARY way to INCREASE her and ULTIMATELY US as a WHOLE? SECOND, if I don’t see MYSELF and the IMPORTANCE of my OWN OVERALL health, how will I be ABLE to VALUE the OVERALL HEALTH of my baby?

See this is the SIMPLE but complex part. Ysrayl, if people don’t take care of themselves, they will NEVER be able to care for YOU properly. What do I mean? EXAMPLE, We men often feel like a our woman’s emotions get in the way of what we tryna do sometimes, but what A LOT of men fail to realize is that NOT ONLY will you never be ABLE to HELP increase your woman in that area, but YOU are probably causing her MORE turmoil if you are sleep in this area because it IS YOUR responsibility to deal with it ONE WAY or another. And the reason it’s like this is NONE other than, MEN have been connected from THEIR emotions and how to EXPRESS them in an EFFECTIVE way. So we see here that if the man has a CERTAIN disease that is EFFECTING his MIND in the capacity of him NOT being AWARE of his OWN needs and the IMPORTANCE of his OVERALL HEALTH, he WILL never be a LOVER of his WOMAN’S ENTIRE being because HE HIMSELF sees NO real need for ALL that. See what you have to realize as ONE flesh with your spouse is, her LACK or need for energy is her BEING calling for action from you, and your LACK of energy is calling for energy from HER being. But if you BOTH have been given the understanding that your NEED is childish, stupid, nasty, overwhelming etc, how do you see the NEED that is present in your spouse? This is why it’s SOO important to see your spouse as YOURSELF. What do I mean? If a man is NOT aware of CERTAIN aspects of his OWN being, then HE needs to recognize the his WOMAN is the ONE bearing the load of that lack. What do I mean by that?

For there to be a COMPLETELY body like we see in the garden picture BEFORE the woman was taken OUT of the man, you would HAVE to HAVE ALL understanding on ALL levels physical, spiritual and psychological. But you would ALSO need to understanding of HOW to apply energy to KEEP ALL the faculties on all these levels HEALTHY. So BEFORE Hawah was formed out of the man, the man had ALL these aspects in his being INTACT and flowing freely. But NOW that the woman is formed and the man NO LONGER possesses certain aspects IN HIS BEING anymore because they were given to his woman, so WHO is childish, stupid or nasty? So if men were to look at the fact that, EVEN if YOU can’t feel it or see the need for it, DOES NOT mean that the BODY or marriage DOES NOT need it, HOW would that affect the MARRIAGE as a WHOLE? This is why it’s SOOO important for there to be a HEALTH, LOVING sexual marriage, if you don’t have OPEN free flow of energy between the two of you, you will never be able to notice when there is a lack or problem. Sexual energy when it is used the WAY it was designed to be used in marriage KEEPS your spouse YOUR number ONE priority, ULTIMATELY keeping Y’all healthy.

Example, say my baby had a lack of energy in some area, of course I will be able to see it but let’s say I couldn’t IDENTIFY the SOURCE of WHAT IS CAUSING the lack of energy. So that means that my ability to deliver energy to that aspect of her being is SEVERELY handicapped. Now because I am a loving man and I NOT only treasure the OVERALL health of my baby, but also because I see the IMPORTANCE to our OVERALL marriage, that ignorance would NEVER stop me from getting to the root of the problem(tilling work). Why do I say that? Well because my perception and understanding is that my baby IS my LIFE, so even with ignorance on EXACTLY what is causing the problem, RECOGNIZING that she is MY LIFE, it brings a WHOLE new energy to solving OUR problem doesn’t it. See when you build your relationship in such an INTIMATE and OPENLY beautiful and loving way, it HURTS YOU MORE to see your spouse in ANY pain then it hurts them to ACTUALLY feel the pain. So if my baby comes to me and I or she can sense some lack of energy, even in our ignorance of just WHAT the issue is, do you think that’s gonna hinder us from getting to the root of that shit and handling business? ABSOLUTELY not… Why do you think that is? The OPENNESS and LIGHT that real LOVE bring will ALWAYS shed light on areas that MORE LOVE(energy) needs to be applied to.

See as I said before, the picture of the man and woman being perfect is being painted COMPLETELY INACCURATE. We were created to INCREASE and GROW, so this gives you the UNDERSTANDING of the possibility of DECREASE or LACK so that DECREASE or LACK would be looked at as motivation that would be needed for one to GIVE energy to ALL the faculties that facilitate INCREASE, correct? That’s NOT PERFECT. So we see the picture of BEING created in the perfect IMAGE, meaning you have ALL of the NECESSARY faculties in your being that makes YOU a perfect representation of The Most High. Not that YOU are PERFECT in ALL your doings or EVER will be, this is a device of lucifer. Remember there is only ONE GOOD, we are all created by HIM in his IMAGE, so what that means is, WE are ONLY good if THAT image is seen in us. But that ALSO means that HE is the ONLY one GOOD in the understanding of good that we know.

Because The Most High IS LOVE and we were created in HIS IMAGE, what are we DESIGNED to produce in such an INTIMATE act as sex? As I said yesterday, The Most High putting coats of DEAD ANIMALS on HIS image indicated that their nakedness or SEXUAL IDENTITY had become that which reflects the IMAGE of DEAD ANIMALS. But we understand that that ALSO means MULTI-DIMENSIONAL. What do I mean? It wasn’t just their PHYSICAL, display that reflected the image of dead animals, it was the perception or the MIND VIEWING the sex or display as something that would reflect DEAD ANIMALS. What am I saying? The way they SAW THEMSELVES effected their DISPLAY, and the UNDERSTANDING that The Most High is giving us HERE is that the VIEW or PERCEPTION is that which reflects DEAD ANIMALS. So now does it make sense that “IN THAT DAY YOU SHALL SURELY DIE” was reference to a death of the MIND affecting it’s ABILITY to perceive LIFE GIVING faculties, urges and displays as LIFE GIVING, but NOW in the state of death these things ALONG with OURSELVES are viewed BY OURSELVES as that which is reflective of DEAD ANIMALS, or ANIMALS with NO LIFE. MEANING DEATH.

So we see here coupled with what we talked about yesterday about the INFORMATION of being naked coming from the SERPENT, or the SERPENTS understanding of SEX and SEXUALITY that in our DEATH, SEXUALITY and the UNDERSTANDING of it belongs to the SERPENT OR that which we produce if REFLECTIVE OF the SERPENT and NOT of The Most High. Now what I want Y’all to do is take a second and just think about YOUR understanding of sex and sexuality and think about WHO it’s REFLECTIVE OF…


Tomorrow we continue our course


Good morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Today I would like to begin talk about LOVE and the way it manifests itself in through sex in a marriage and how it brings LIFE to the union as a whole.

One VERY IMPORTANT thing that I want y’all to understand is JUST how DIVIDED our understanding of ourselves really is as it relates to sex and sexuality in marriage. See as long as Lucifer and his people can keep you seeing YOUR sexuality and expression as something that has to be MONITORED and keep under chains because it’s INNATELY EVIL and will destroy YOU, THEY can keep YOU from being FRUITFUL and MULTIPLYING. See we have been TAUGHT by SERPENTS that MULTIPLYING just means procreation or children, but AGAIN this is ANOTHER LIE. Being FRUITFUL and MULTIPLYING has EVERYTHING to do with INCREASE of YOUR ENTIRE BEING AND INCREASING the image of The Most High on the earth. Because we have been taught for so long to see ourselves and what’s COMPLETELY natural about us as evil, nasty and demonic, the PREDETERMINED course that was set for YOUR LIFE is now of NONE EFFECT. Why is it of NONE EFFECT? Because the DESIGN was for YOU to be FRUITFUL, or INCREASE in your LOVE, and EXPRESSION of love, or your DISPLAY of LOVE towards one another. Sexual energy was created to bring y’all together and KEEP y’all together and BUILDING on it or being fruitful in it so that when YOU do MULTIPLY to replenish the earth, EXACTLY WHAT is the earth being REPLENISHED BY?

Check it out, MANKIND fell and began to see the LIFE giving part of their marriage as EVIL or something that was wrong so they COVERED it from themselves AND The Most High. So now that they have fallen and it’s time to ACTUALLY replenish the earth, EXACTLY what understanding and WHAT IMAGE are they replenishing the EARTH WITH? Y’all remember The Most High gave the man and his woman coats of DEAD ANIMALS? Why do YOU think he COVERED mankind created in his OWN IMAGE in coats of DEAD ANIMALS? Y’all ever notice how the RELATIONSHIP between animals is pretty much SINGULAR in dimension, meaning LIFE and LOVE is NOT capitalized on AT ALL in the relationship between animals. It’s mostly just NATURAL programming in their genetics for the PURPOSE of procreating. So what you have the picture of is LIFE and LOVE in the SEXUALITY of MANKIND between a man and his woman, reduced to that which makes their IMAGE that of DEAD ANIMALS. This is the serpent with HIS understanding of the way sex and sexuality is supposed to be expressed in marriage. ONE, his genetics belong to the animal kingdom so HE has no LIFE to witness to ANYWAY as concerning sexuality. SECONDLY, he wants you to produce ONLY within the CONFINES of his control. What do I mean? Well not only did Adom and his Wife fuck up their OWN view of sex and sexuality concerning one another, but WHAT exactly do you think they taught they’re children? THIS is the ULTIMATE goal, instead of the WORD of being FRUITFUL and MULTIPLY and REPLENISH THE EARTH ONLY being, multiplying LIFE, LOVE and PARADISE, NOW because of the IMAGE change and PERCEPTION change NOW what are they MULTIPLYING and REPLENISHING the earth with?

Remember y’all Lucifer and his children CAN NOT create ANYTHING, so they HAVE to steal it from else where in order to survive. So y’all remember me saying that the races of people on the earth would NOT have lasted very long with MANKIND having written in his VERY GENETICS to be fruitful and multiply, replenish the earth AND SUBDUE IT. Well it would be EXTREMELY CLEVER to just COMPLETELY erase ALL understanding of what EXACTLY was being said about the WORD of The Most High in the GENETICS of MANKIND, or PERVERT IT. See when something is written in your genetics and is part of your design like sex and sexuality is, YOU can’t turn it off because YOU didn’t turn it on. So what you get mostly is CONFUSION on JUST how AND what is SUPPOSED to be done with ALL that energy, and it most times manifests itself in ways CONTRARY to our design AND the WORD written in our genetics. As I said before, yes sex is something that should be seen as THE MOST SACRED aspect of your being, but it was NEVER intended to be handled like the red headed step child. Again, the mind of the serpent will ONLY have you seeing YOURSELF as someone who needs DELIVERANCE from YOURSELF, because YOURSELF and the understanding that you were created in means YOU win EVERY SINGLE TIME, PERIOD. And your GENTILE counter parts KNOW this.

As I have said to y’all in the past, The MessiYAH  came and died for our sins and to REDEEM us BACK to The Most High AS A PEOPLE. So what that means is EVERYTHING that was MISSED OUT because of the fall in the garden, YOU are now redeemed to live in. YOU were NOT redeemed to GIVE ALL your LIFE giving ENERGY and UNDERSTANDING to the MIND of the SERPENT and his will for your life through RELIGION. The WHOLE story of the MessiYAH and his message has been COMPLETELY twisted and distorted coming from the EVIL mind of the serpent. And it doesn’t matter that he deceives his OWN people with it, what matters is YOU. Why do I say that? Because YOU really are the LIGHT of the world and the WHOLE world knows it EXCEPT for YOU.

Remember we talked about there needing to be a free flow of energy and what happens to certain capacities of the MIND/SOUL that is EFFECTED by the lack of vital LIFE giving energy? Well When you train you understanding AND responses to mimic that of ANYTHING OTHER than YOUR personal design, your mind begins to see WHATEVER the UNDERSTANDING is and IT will TRY to be fruitful and MULTIPLY on it’s own. This is why people who have SERIOUS sexual evils ALWAYS end up destroying their LIFE and the LIFE of those around them if ORDER and TRUTH is NOT sought after. Be fruitful and multiply is STILL in operation, so WHATEVER it is FED it DEFINITELY WILL MULTIPLY. Now the understanding that YOU need is, WHAT you are MULTIPLYING, is it the IMAGE of The Most High OR is it an IMAGE that you got from somewhere else.

See The Most High came to the garden to commune with the man, meaning HE came to INCREASE and BE INCREASED by the MAN AND HIS WOMAN, but y’all remember he HAD TO CALL for him because he was hiding. What does that tell you? The man could no longer hear The Most High the WAY he was supposed to be heard BECAUSE he changed his OWN PERCEPTION of HIMSELF. So what that is telling us is, because the man was created in the IMAGE of The Most High, he retained a certain RELATIONSHIP with him that was EXCLUSIVE to HIS DESIGN. What do I mean? Y’all remember when you was young kids you didn’t have a damn to give about not having clothes on in front of your mom if she was the one still washing yo ass. But as soon as you got an IDENTITY of your OWN or OUTSIDE the understanding of your parents, what happened to that freedom once YOU perceived yourself as a force of your own? WHO TOLD YOU YOU WERE NAKED? Again we have The Most High who KNOWS EVERYTHING, ASK the man WHO told him he was naked? Then he asks, did YOU eat from the TREE of ALL KNOWLEDGE. So we get the understanding that the information of BEING NAKED itself HAD to come from a PERSON, him asking about that tree of ALL KNOWLEDGE was an after thought to WHO. So this is CLEAR indication that NAKED came from the SERPENT, them eating from the tree JUST opened their eyes to the POSSIBILITIES of sin, IT DID NOT CHANGE there view on their sexuality ITSELF, THAT came from someone else…

Tomorrow we continue our course


Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we talked about the lineage of the serpent and the purpose for their creation. As we begin to talk about sex and sexuality this morning, I would like to take a little bit of a DIFFERENT approach for a short spell.

1 Timotiyos 3 v1-5. Trustworthy is the word: If a man longs for the position of an OVERSEER, he desires a good work.

2) An OVERSEER, then should be BLAMELESS, the HUSBAND of one WIFE, sober, sensible, orderly, kind to strangers, ABLE TO TEACH(truth),

3) not given to wine, no brawler, but gentle, not quarrelsome, no lover of silver,

4) one who RULES HIS OWN HOUSE WELL, having his children in subjection with all reverence,


Shaoul/Paul wrote this to Timotiyos to give him BLUEPRINTS on how an OVERSEER of GENTILE people should be PROVED BEFORE he is given control to speak into someone’s LIFE. As I said yesterday the so called NEW TESTAMENT is MOSTLY letters written to GENTILE people giving them ORDER on HOW to be themselves. What do I mean by behave themselves? Well of course when you have people that DO NOT have the same PHYSICAL, SPIRITUAL and PSYCHOLOGICAL genetics as The Most High they WOULD NOT be able to HEAR HIM in ANY of their genetics. But what they WOULD be able to hear in their genetics is, WHATEVER their lineage lead them back to, which we all understand by now what that was. So it’s safe to say that with NO ability to even HEAR The Most High, an OVERSEER MUST be proven in ALL aspects of the word because of WHAT will manifest ONCE they have been given the POWER or the LEADERSHIP position.

I want to point out TWO very important things said in the scripture we just read. First, an OVERSEER should be BLAMELESS and the Husband of one wife. Ok, the understanding is this. Shaoul is saying that a man should be the husband of one wife, the word ONE translates into FIRST in the understanding that a man SHOULD at LEAST have ONE wife or FIRST HAVE A WIFE before given ANY position of LEADERSHIP. Second thing I want to point out is the fact that he said IF A MAN DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO RULE HIS OWN HOUSE, HOW SHALL HE LOOK OVER THE ASSEMBLY OF YAH. One of the reason WHY I want to touch on this piece rite here is because of the reference to SEX and SEXUALITY. During this Greeko-Roman era TWO things were VERY common which has ALWAYS been VERY popular among gentile people is, HOMOSEXUALITY and PEDOPHILIA. If you study the Greeko-Roman time YOU will understand that it was so welcome and WIDE spread along with a MULTIPLICITY of OTHER sexual PERVERSION, that a MAN could have two or three little boys that he bought JUST for the purpose of having sex with them. And he could even be MARRIED with children of his very own. So we see a glimpse into the MIND of the time, MUCH like this one, AND you see SHAOUL’S approach to it. See this is the deal, HOW could a man be ministering LIFE to people if HOMOSEXUALITY and PEDOPHILIA is what HIS BEING witnesses to as a way to BEHAVE himself and get ENERGY or INCREASE? See regardless of what people say, it’s NOT about bashing gay people, it’s about there being an IMAGE that MANKIND was created IN and a WAY we were DESIGNED to behave. And if YOU think that YOU should be in a position of LEADERSHIP or ministering to people and THIS is YOUR behavior, YOU are not even welcome AMONG the gentiles with that shit.

As I said yesterday WE as a people have been DRIVEN OUTSIDE OUR MINDS with LOVE and guess what, THAT is being done by design with an intention as well. So as I said yesterday being drunk with LOVE we ALLOW for SERPENTS with OBVIOUS PSYCHOLOGICAL and sexual ISSUES to not only LEAD us, but WE LET THEM AROUND OUR CHILDREN. We talked about the lineage of the serpent and the PREDETERMINED course written in their GENETICS that leads them to DESIRE POSITIONS of LEADERSHIP. Let’s take a look at the CATHOLIC CHURCH and how IT VIEWS PEDOPHILES and HOMOSEXUALITY. See the Christian church TECHNICALLY IS the CATHOLIC CHURCH even though they DON’T teach you that. But anyway, THESE ARE the seeds of the serpent and WHAT came with the serpent in the garden, SEXUAL PERVERSION in the sense that the man and his woman viewed their SEXUALITY COMPLETELY different AFTER fuckin wit that nigga, AGAIN WHICH IS WHAT CAUSE THEIR DEATH AND THE MOST HIGH TO LEAVE THEIR GARDEN. So we have a CLEAR picture that the SEED of that SERPENT DOES have SEXUAL PERVERSION hard wired INTO their genetics. That’s not saying that if YOU are into any type of his sexual perversion that YOU are the seed of the serpent, that’s saying that if YOU desire to lead a people and YOU are HOMOSEXUAL or a PEDOPHILE YOU AIN’T GOT NO MUFUCKIN BUSINESS LEADING NOBODY.

Now what I would like to touch on is a GUILTY CONSCIENCE and HOW it behaves when there is PRESSURE applied. See one beautiful thing about being son of the KING is, you get ALL of his gifts if you EARN the crown. And with these gifts of course comes ALL wisdom, knowledge and understanding, so what that means is, you can pretty much manifest what you want when you want in accordance with the WILL of The Most High. One thing that people have YET to figure out is, SOMEONE can ALWAYS see YOU. And some people KNOW exactly WHERE and HOW to apply PRESSURE to MAKE someone squeal on  HIMSELF. See the way it works is, when you apply TRUTH in a way the BRINGS LIGHT to a persons DEPTHS and PRESSURE is applied with it, because of the LIGHT shed on the MIND it will basically TELL ON ITSELF. And the way it does that is tries to project it’s VERY OWN GUILT onto the IDENTITY of someone else, because LIGHT is EXPOSING DARKNESS. Y’all remember when you were children and you did SOMETHING so FUCKED UP that you KNEW if yo momma found out DEATH would follow shortly AFTER? Well my mom used to do this thing where if something got broke and she wanted to find out the TRUTH, even though she ALREADY knew it, she would just ask question SURROUNDING the information she wanted us to tell on ourselves about and watch our responses. GUILTY PEOPLE ALWAYS tell on themselves, and they tell you EXACTLY what they have been doing in their DARKNESS. This is a VERY EFFECTIVE way to get the mind to tell on itself. Bottomline is when PRESSURE is applied, the HEART will speak ALL it’s secrets FIRST, and try to PROJECT it’s evil onto someone else. And because of the PRESSURE, the LIGHT and people watching the MIND becomes undone and clumsy in it’s behavior, which cause it to TELL on itself, OR in a sense accuse SOMEONE ELSE to GET OUT in front of it to cast doubts about it’s VERY OWN GUILT.

Remember you ALWAYS tell a tree by the FRUIT it bears, regardless of HOW giving and loving people CAN BE, often times it’s a PSYCHOLOGICAL band-aid to SUB-CONSCIOUSLY cover the GUILT of sins. There was a question asked of me about six months ago that I could not answer the WAY I wanted to because no one can ESTABLISH GUILT based on spiritual gifts and being able to see straight through people. But what you can understand is, THAT will NEVER stop me, I’ll just manifest myself in another way to get what I want to come out. LITERALLY the nigga told on himself yesterday, something that EVERYBODY knew and suspected. One last thing, to someone VERY dear to my heart I made a promise to you, a promise that I will keep, but if ANY PUSSY ASS SHIT like that happens again he gettin burnt down and it’s NOT just two people talking in a truck anymore. So you understand the gravity…

Tomorrow we continue our course