Good Evening Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this evening… Check it out… … … I know I’m supposed to be writing, but straight forward, I’m still completely fuckin pissed off and disgusted by the fact that I’m related to a bunch a fuckin disgusting, evil ass fuckin animals… I seriously can’t believe I wasted my fuckin energy on these fuckin animals… … … Listen my BEAUTIFUL WIVES, “SOON” we will be putting our REAL LIVES TOGETHER the way they’re supposed to be… Other than those that I make aware to you, “PLEASE” KEEP me AWAY from these fuckin ANIMALS… THESE MFKAS is FUCKED UP, and I SERIOUSLY RISKED my WHOLE LIFE TRYING SAVE THESE MFKAS… If I wasn’t GAINING “YOU”, my Precious LOVES, and the BEAUTIFUL MEN and WOMEN of LIGHT as FAMILY that HAVE SUPPORTED ME as FAMILY, I would be COMPLETLEY FUCKIN ASHAMED of MYSELF for the AMOUNT of ENERGY, EMOTION, SUFFERING, PATIENCE, LOVE and EVERYTHING ELSE I PUT into TRYING to HELP a BUNCH of FUCKIN ANIMALS… … … I don’t know what the FUCK I been THINKIN ABOUT… … …


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